Spain Folds

Enforcement of international law is a joke (and a fixed game where the law only applies to the less powerful), made more so by international criminals who run countries or lean on more principled governments and can therefore change the laws. Notice how elites formed a ‘consensus’ to limit accountability for fellow elites, ruling class tribalism to get away with murder

Madrid — Spanish lawmakers voted Tuesday in favour of a resolution calling for limits be placed on the scope that the country’s judges have to probe alleged human rights crimes in other countries. Under the principle of “universal jurisdiction” which Spain has observed since 2005, Spanish judges have opened probes into genocide and human rights abuses in nations ranging from China to Israel, causing diplomatic headaches.

The resolution passed in parliament Tuesday with the support of lawmakers of the ruling Socialists and the conservative opposition calls for an “urgent reform” of the application of this principle to “limit and clarify its reach.” It recommends that the principle only apply to cases where the alleged perpetrators of a crime are in Spain or the victims are Spanish.

The resolution is only a recommendation but it could serve as the basis for a future reform of the principle of universal jurisdiction and its passage is a sign that there is a political consensus on the need for reform.

Spain is only one of a handful of countries that respects the principle of universal jurisdiction.


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  1. libhomo Says:

    You can imagine the threats that were used to make this happen.

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