‘Guns have no place at all in our community’

Note the police (who us H&K firearms) tried to silence media coverage-

Interestingly, local media also came under pressure; Trent FM, who had shown some enthusiasm about reporting these demos, received a word in their ear from both H&K’s press office as well as the police, warning hacks that it would be ‘irresponsible’ to publish the fact that H&K has a warehouse full of weapons in Nottingham, as it may prompt criminals to try and steal them. 

In response the campaigners pointed out to the radio station that H&K’s address was published at Company House, as well as in several business directories. About the radio station being leaned on, the campaigners said that “If the security policy of H&K and Notts police relies on no-one finding out the company’s location, then clearly it is they who are irresponsible, not our campaign and not the media. A large warehouse stocked with high-power assault rifles and submachine guns with inadequate security to prevent a robbery is clearly a significant danger to the public, and publicisng such a danger is very much in the public interest.” 

The H&K warehouse, located at Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham, is next to the ‘Trent Vineyard’, an evangelist church that held the funeral of Danielle Beccan, a 14 year old girl who was killed in a drive-by shooting. At her funeral service the then mayor of Nottingham said, “Guns have no place at all in our community – not in Nottingham, not in my city nor any other city in Britain.” 


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  1. M Anderson Says:

    “Guns have no place at all in our community – not in Nottingham, not in my city nor any other city in Britain.”

    Doesn’t the ignorant fool mean England? Nottingham is in England.
    As for guns, dirtbags wouldn’t be running around killing people if everyone had a weapon or should I say, have the right to fight force with force?
    They are going to try and take guns away from Americans again. Ha! ha! Good luck. Why do you think places throughout the U.S.A. have recently run out of bullets?

    H&K has a warehouse full of weapons in Nottingham, as it may prompt criminals to try and steal them.

    So exactly what weapons are in this warehouse? Do you even know? Yeah, so you don’t like the police. Except when you house gets trashed or someone is harrassing you right?
    The filth that shot the fourteen year old aren’t criminals; they’re shite! There is a difference. Plus, if the criminals wanted to steal them they would try and steal them. The shite that shot the girl are more than likely thick as two short planks. They wouldn’t know the first thing about stealing shooters.
    Drive by shooting? Well that’s what you get when you have p.c. appeasers in power. Oh well, everything will be fine if you just talk to them and find out what their problem is. Like hell!
    I read your sarcastic comment about English nationalism. Exactly how old are you?

    • earwicga Says:

      Thanks for your comment M. Anderson. I needed a laugh and you have given me one.

      For tomorrow’s laughter moment, could you expand on your categories of ‘criminal’?

  2. RickB Says:

    As in http://www.socialistunity.com/?p=4056#comments
    Why, your mum looking for dates? Their whole suing scam is ridiculous and betrays authoritarian roots to their ideology. Who wants an England afraid to speak freely?

    Ok Nottingham is in England, England is part of Britain, he was being inclusive. The ironic point made was guns are tolerated when they are validated by state and corporate power.

    Well it’s too easy to say- mass gun ownership, like in crime free America… but hey you started it with the silly reasoning.

    I like the police to do their job, not censor media on behalf of a corporation they do business with, I’m funny about that liberty stuff.

    Why shite? Murder is a criminal act, so criminals is an accurate description.
    PC appeasers? I don’t think anyone wanted to limit the reaction to a chat. But ignoring causes of criminal behaviour condemns us to eternal confusion and a never ending stream of victims.

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