Malalai Joya Talks, You Listen

Just like in Iraq, war has not brought liberation to Afghanistan. Neither war was really about democracy or justice or uprooting terrorist groups; rather they were and are about U.S. strategic interests in the region. We Afghans have never liked being pawns in the ‘Great Game’ of empire, as the British and the Soviets learned in the past century.

It is a shame that so much of Afghanistan’s reality has been kept veiled by a western media consensus in support of the ‘good war.’ Perhaps if the citizens of North America had been better informed about my country, President Obama would not have dared to send more troops and spend taxpayers’ money on a war that is only adding to the suffering of our people and pushing the region into deeper conflicts.

A troop ‘surge’ in Afghanistan, and continued air strikes, will do nothing to help the liberation of Afghan women. The only thing it will do is increase the number of civilian casualties and increase the resistance to occupation.

-Malalai Joya was just a child when the Soviet Union invaded her native Afghanistan, forcing her family to withdraw into refugee status in Iran and Pakistan after enduring years offighting.  She returned in 1998 and lived under the reign of the Taliban, while actively fighting to progress human and women’s rights within the country. Joya is the youngest member of the Afghan parliament but her membership was suspended in 2007 after publicly condemning other members.

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  1. opit Says:

    ‘…so much of Afghanistan’s reality has been kept veiled by a western media consensus…”
    It was that and blatant fixing of elections that started me looking at odd items. BradBlog started – as far as I followed – with the undetectably re-programmable computer elections results collators. Then there were all the fringe votes disallowed as being counted via one means or another : targeting demographic vectors. Gerrymandering has been raised to a high art.
    Orwell was featured on AlterNet…as a public radio headbanger. All these things coloured my perceptions and started me on the Moving the Overton Window section.
    Just yesterday my post devolved into some basic British history.
    Reading up on the original of the Magna Carta shows a radically different view of power structure.

  2. RickB Says:

    Well this was a good point

    The narrowing of acceptable discourse, or shifting to the right, the Overton window dance will be relentless until mainstream US discourse embraces anti-imperialism, it’s mostly still stuck in party tribalism/team sports maybe the betrayals Obama is enacting will wake some up.

    Imagine a document 800 years old is more radical than current legal/human rights!

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