Your Culture on Capitalism: Billionaire Charges Homeless Rent

Nine months after homeless families won the right to shelter in New York City, the city is having the last laugh. According to a New York Times article, “The Bloomberg administration has quietly begun charging rent to homeless families who live in publicly run shelters but have income from jobs.”

“They are taking money from them that could otherwise be used to help themselves get out of the shelter system,” Arnold S. Cohen, the president and chief executive of the Partnership for the Homeless, told the Times. “We’re dealing with the poorest people, the people who are the most in need, and we’re asking them to pay for a shelter of last resort. As a city and a state that has a history of social and economic justice, I think we can do better than that.”

And it might also be said capitalism makes you short, mean and stupid-

Here are the US rankings out of the 30 OECD countries (1 is best; 30 is worst — worst as in Somalia-like). The names of the countries even more Somalian than the US appear in parens.

Infant Deaths: 28 out of 30 (Mexico, Turkey).

Life Expectancy: 24 out of 30 (Mexico, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Czech & Slovak Republics).

Health Expenditures: 1 out of 30.

Poverty Rates: 28 out of 30 (Mexico, Turkey).

Child Poverty: 27 out of 30 (Mexico, Turkey, Poland).

Income Inequality: 27 out of 30 (Mexico, Turkey, Portugal).

Obesity: 30 out of 30.

Incarceration: 30 out of 30.

Work Hours (ranked in ascending order): 30 out of 30.

Height (women): 25 out of 30 (Mexico, Turkey, Korea, Portugal, Japan).

Height (men): 24 out of 30 (Italy, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Korea, Japan).

Amazing, corporate healthcare for profit gives you the highest price with the worst outcomes, no wait the other word- Predictable, to anyone with an ounce of sense and not covering for their own wealth accumulation scam. Hmm I see single payer reform is being frozen out of the debate…


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  1. opit Says:

    Another capitalism link showed up : this time about the farce of the ‘Fed’ being accountable to government
    Tues May 12
    Federal Reserve Inspector general unable to answer basic questions on where the Trillions went
    Some fun looking links listed too. Check out the bottom of my Links page. I need feedback. You’ll know what I mean.

  2. libhomo Says:

    Bloomberg is a pathetic excuse for a mayor. I can’t wait to vote against the POS.

    • RickB Says:

      I think it’s a sign of his disrespect for voters he doesn’t literally buy votes, he can afford it, ten bucks to every voter to vote for him. After all he is a believer of putting a price on everything.

  3. opit Says:

    Yep. They are RSS feeds showing the last 5 posts ( that’s Opera’s default selection ) I still haven’t learned how to plug in Atom feeds and fumble around regardless – but was immensely pleased with what I got. The Yahoo ‘pipe’ feeds can do a similar job – but this baby was prepped by Opera. I prefer that because they are picky about what you can put on a site. That’s a handy security consideration too.
    Still learning. That’s why I still say olde phartte in training.

  4. opit Says:

    You always launder the proceeds of crime. Somebody’s been paying attention. Yep. That was the article all right.
    They didn’t have to launder a thing. That’s the point. This is a group that has killed in the past when people got pushy. I expect that’s a lesson not forgotten.
    Oh right. Progressives, conspiracy theorists, etc. etc.
    Did you ever make a run through Illuminati stuff on YouTube ? Bilderburgers, New World Order and more ? Dad 2059 just posted on the last financial meeting too. I think I’d heard this stuff before running into him so I didn’t sound clueless. The Ron Paul people in the US are fierce for putting out this sort of thing.
    That’s a good place to start for digging into the politics underlying online Underground material. Also check out NWO links and Consortium News.

  5. opit Says:

    O.K. I placed 3 related YouTube Search parameters in the NWO directory on my Links page.

  6. RickB Says:

    I find NWO stuff is often a rightist (US began) thing where while they cannot critique capitalism (they are all for it) they are uneasy at corporate globalisation, so conspiracy replaces analysis of capital and its institutions. Which puts the Ron Paul movement into a bind.
    thirdworldtraveler and consortium are good indeed.

    I did use Opera a bit some time ago and I will use it more once some new hardware turns up, a month to go I think…

  7. opit Says:

    I confess to similar sentiments – but think things have long passed the point of capitalism being useful. Not that money is used for much more than keeping score for those who look at property and government as possessions to be guided for in group objectives. What those are long passed the realm of fantastical – which is why Nelson Rockefeller references have appeared on my lists.

    • RickB Says:

      At what point does the obvious and growing inequality cause a reaction concerted enough to change things I suppose. The ‘crisis’ appears in corporate media to have been temporarily postponed (not really for most of us) mostly with measures that made things more unequal, maybe the next ‘crisis’ caused by capitalism (just this one re-merging) will see some better response.

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