Sri Lankan Govt. Deport Ch4 News After Expose of Tamil Camp Abuses

The Sri Lankan government has ordered Channel 4 News’s Asia Correspondent Nick Paton Walsh to leave the country, after taking exception to a report broadcast on Channel 4 News on 5th May Nick Paton Walsh was part of a three-person team that has been reporting from the country for Channel 4 News since April 19th. All three were told they were being deported by the country’s Defence Minister earlier today.

They have been covering the conflict between Sri Lankan government forces and the Tamil Tigers who have been forced back into a narrow strip of land on the eastern side of the island. In a report on Tuesday 5th May, featuring the first material shot independently in an internment camp run by the Sri Lankan army, Channel 4 News broadcast interviews with aid workers who claimed there had been ill-treatment of Tamil civilians interned in a camp in the north of the country.

The aid workers said that children were being separated from their parents in the camps and dead bodies were being left out in the open for days, as people fought for food and water. And they also said that women were being sexually humiliated, being forced to bathe publicly and sometimes abducted by soldiers.

Video and more @ Ch4 News

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