The People Don’t Get What The People Want

AMY GOODMAN: Why can’t it happen, since polls show most people are for it?

SEN. RUSS FEINGOLD: I guarantee you. I know the members of Congress, and it’s not going to pass in this Congress. So, there are certain things that can’t happen right away, and this is one of them. But I do support a single-payer idea.

Um, democracy anyone? Anyway the fix is in, single payer healthcare is being kept off the ‘table’ (crowded out by nukes earmarked for bombing Iran or not prosecuting war criminals, there’s only so much room on ‘the table’ and we must look forward dontcha know)

Health care activists disrupted a Senate Finance Committee hearing Tuesday, standing up one after the other as Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) tried to restore order. As soon as police escorted one protester out of the room, another would stand up, criticizing the committee for convening a panel of 15 experts and excluding witnesses who support creating a Medicare system for all Americans. About eight were led out of the hearing.

Baucus’ response? “We need more police.”

Baucus eventually quieted the crowd, and said, “I want you to know I care deeply about your views.”

Is it getting boring putting the regulation sardonic Change after every example of continuity of corporate empire? Still, I guess they had to use that as- Suckers! would have blown the whole caper. Whatevs.

PS. Report from the scene-

It has finally happened right here in the United States. Citizens who believe healthcare is a human right have been arrested and are being processed like criminals through the Southeast District of Columbia police station. Their crime? Asking for single payer healthcare reform – publicly funded, privately delivered healthcare – to be discussed during the Congressional hearings on reform.

Doctors and other single payer activists were handcuffed and went to jail today speaking up for single payer to be at the table in the Senate finance Committee’s roundtable discussion on healthcare access and coverage. In stark contrast, Karen Ignagni, head of the industry lobby group American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) was escorted into the room like royalty by staff members of the Senate committee. Clearly, the position of the United States Senate is not with the majority of Americans who support a national, public insurance system.

It made me physically ill to see Maryland pediatrician Margaret Flowers cuffed like a criminal and pushed out the door as the Senators waited to begin their staged roundtable discussion. It made me want to scream. It made me proud of them for being bold but ashamed that not one Senator spoke up for their own citizen-protestors and asked that they at least be allowed to speak. But the insistence that the citizens rising in protest be arrested continued from the chair with each incident.


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  1. GDAEman Says:

    There is prima facia evidence that the health insurance industry has captured the US Congress. The question of criminal intent is the elephant in the room.

    • RickB Says:

      And… then I read this-

      Two reasons, both strategic. The President needs the cooperation of many big corporations if he’s going to get universal health insurance enacted this year. Many of these companies would benefit from lower health costs but they’re reluctant to take on Big Pharma, big health insurance companies, and major health providers, all of whom are dead set against a provision in the emerging health insurance proposal that would allow the public to opt for a government health plan. How does it help for him to take on corporate tax havens? Because the President needs as many bargaining chips with the rest of corporate America as possible. The proposed crackdown on foreign tax avoidance is one such chip. He might be willing to take it off the table if big corporations lend him active support on health insurance.

      The second reason has to do with revenues. Originally the White House had planned to pay for universal health insurance by limiting tax deductions for wealthier Americans. But the Democratic leadership nixed that source. The rich Americans who take the deductions, and the groups benefiting from the wealthy’s tax-deductible expenditures on them, had enough political leverage to make it a non-starter. That means the White House has to find other sources of money. By some measures, $700 billion or more in U.S. corporate earnings is now sitting in overseas accounts.

      So perhaps- 1. you won’t get single payer (as the majority want) and 2. it will be a negotiation with acknowledged criminals to get a system they will live with, tax haven reform will get sold out.

      I like what Danny Schechter amusingly suggested-

      For some time now I have been advocating a military response—not really, but it’s a provocative thought—to go after the zillions of dollars stashed by Wall Street predators and their clients in off-shore tax havens. There seems to be a stand-off now with the Swiss Banks who don’t want to name the thousands of Americans who have moved their riches there. They are backing away from full disclosure, citing their bank secrecy rules.

      When President Obama was at the G-20, France’s president Sarkozy and others were proposing tougher international regulations which “we” rejected in the name of “national sovereignty.” There is no national sovereignty in a globalized financial system. That realization is finally dawning on the money heads in Washington.

      It’s time, in my view, to reframe our priorities. Instead of reinvading Pakistan or bombing the place back to the stone age by moving more rocks around with attacks by drones, maybe it’s time to invade the Cayman Islands and other offshore financial centers. Think about it: anti-terror laws have led to the seizures of money and property. Drug dealers have cars seized, and bank accounts appropriated. There are laws that permit this with ill-gotten gains. Why not seize the overseas banks that the new pirates and plunderers blatantly operate to launder money and evade taxes? Isn’t it time to get tough on white collar criminals? Why one standard of justice for the street criminal and other for the white collar predator?

      Bottom line they will work with corporations that are criminal and cause deaths, but will bomb, torture and kill civilians overseas at will. Why? Because both move capital from the public into private profits. The govt is indeed captured by corporations.

  2. opit Says:

    Question ? Maybe not. I thought the Narcokleptocracy definition chilling.

    • RickB Says:

      Well the CIA might be a touch Narcokleptocractic. Kleptocracy is a fine enough definition for the general establishment.

  3. connecticutman1 Says:

    And there is the truth in a nutshell. Thanks for dropping the link to here for me, opit.

  4. opit Says:

    Don’t be put off by conneticutman’s logo, Rick. He’s definitely one of the good guys – and has blogged tons on the American ‘healthcare’ dysfunction…among other things. He has also played with RSS embedded in the sidebar : a heavy penalty for broadband consumption but very interesting. I don’t why his link didn’t register

    • RickB Says:

      The name becomes link if you put in a valid URL in the field when you comment, maybe he didn’t or it went wrong, had a look and yeah, he is doing some good stuff. I think with healthcare the elite are about to rip off the people they supposedly work for yet again unless mass sustained action makes it untenable- (but…why should you have to they are meant to do the job for the people, so after winning it with mass action, fire the bastards.)

  5. opit Says:

    ‘Winning it with mass action.’
    Since elections are futile – though God help them if they ever lost control of the nominating-funding process – that’s more like an encitement to action that has happened in the past : and the murders expunged from public consciousness.

    • RickB Says:

      I think they will end up with a small improvement but…no way the corporations are going to let their business be destroy, it’s pretty instructive the way single payer has been frozen out. In this case murders occur daily as cost decisions are made on treatment and those making them get bonuses, it’s a very perverted system.

  6. opit Says:

    You’re the one who made the treatise on Capitalism. Those with their maws under the tap of endless plenty likely think the system quite straightforward, wouldn’t you opine?

    • RickB Says:

      Yes, they are fine with it, I just hate the lying, they are more vicious and invested in damaging us than any Al Qaeda, Taliban or Saddam. Your enemy is never overseas, it’s right here at home!

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