ID Yachts

On the BBC story-Will you sign up for a new ID card? the comments are mostly- No! But one stands out for it’s elegance-

I have nothing to hide so why would I not want to have an ID card.

Now as spEak You’re bRanes makes clear the HYS threads are notoriously fuckwit rich but I’d like to think this was some neat conceptual wit at play.

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  1. otto Says:

    wow, that Branes site is wild..never knew it existed (though it must be a national treasure over there by now).

  2. earwicga Says:

    Ditto Otto – it has given me much enjoyment tonight.

  3. Jay Vos Says:

    Love Anon’s rejoinder. Pretty damned sharp, innit.

    Mine would be “I don’t need an ID card: I already know who I am.”

    There’s been a move in the states to introduce them, but I don’t have a clue where idea is going…
    scannable ID implants, here we come? Ugh.

  4. RickB Says:

    I think one thing is if they come in the police then will ask for id when they feel like it, when you refuse it becomes more of a reason to arrest you as supposedly we are all meant to have one so if you don’t show it- you must have something to hide! So we become even more hostage to having to please authority.

  5. otto Says:

    I live in a country where ID cards are obligatory.

    The main practical use of them is that

    1) you need them to do official shit (get married, open a bank a/c etc)

    2) The police can confiscate your card

    The combo of this is that if you’re stopped in the street by plod, and he asks for your card you have to give it to him by law (or if you haven’t got it on you he takes your name, address and you have 72 hours to show up at the copshop to show them). So then he says that until he’s finished his enquiries etc etc he’s keeping hold of it.

    You are then fucked. You need that card for all sorts ofthings (paying by credit card for larger items is another) and you can’t get i back until plod is happy. In the country where i live, this technique is also used as a way of extracting small bribes from motorists (eg take card, card not returned until small banknote changes hands).

    I’m a legal resident in my country, but i purposely don’t carry my ID card. I carry my passport (or photocopy of passport) and fake being a tourist if stopped. A passport can’t be taken out of your direct line of sight.

    Conclusion: don’t fear the big brother database angle of the ID card (they know all about you by now anyway..big deal). But the practical day-to-day stuff that can happen to you due to that plastic coasted ID card can be rare pain in the arse and is likely to hamstring you to authority at a grassroots level. It’s not about “not having anything to hide” and much more about the subjugation of innocents.

    • RickB Says:

      That’s pretty well much what I envisage, that common day to day interaction that the cards will immediately mean you are put at a disadvantage, produce or it creates jeopardy.
      [When I was young with very long hair and with a car that was a common make for thieves to steal (and they did, 6 times!) I was forever getting stopped and you have to produce docs, the car puts you in that jeopardy, having been pulled twice in one night I followed a cop car that had passed me till they pulled me and I announced I now had a hatrick to the bored copper.]
      Whereas now no such routine is in place, you might have bank cards or a license but you might also have nothing and that is reasonable and so the plod or whoever (we have a multiplicity of officials with greater powers now) have little further chance (in theory!) to interdict you, the ID’s put the public in a position of having to have one (whatever they say that is the end state they plan) and showing it if asked, the power in relationship with the state shifts. I agree they already have most of the info (though not fingerprints -or dna- if you never got printed/collar felt) I think the cards are in part a way of raising revenue for the computer system that centralises it (although given HMG procurement we can be assured it will 1. not work. 2. leak like a sieve) but tech failure doesn’t change the power shift day to day stuff you describe. Our plod have shown they are now massively entitled authoritarians in attitude and they will be all over us for ID (with the perennial disproportionate stops of young non white males) like stink on pigs…

  6. libhomo Says:

    I love unintentional comedy like that.

  7. earwicga Says:

    I would imagine the end result will be no card no vote as well.

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