100 Dead Civilians Today in Obama’s War

Up to 100 Afghan civilians may have been killed during an air raid by US forces during a joint operation targeting suspected fighters, a regional administrator says. Rohul Amin, the governor of Farah province, said on Wednesday that he feared that 100 civilians had been killed in the Bala Baluk district, about 600km west of Kabul, the capital. Amin said that Taliban fighters were reportedly using civilian homes to take shelter during the fighting. If the claims are verified, the deaths in Farah would be the largest loss of civilian life in a single incident since US-led forces invaded Afghanistan in 2001.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, US secretary of state, said that the Obama administration “deeply, deeply” regrets the loss of innocent life apparently caused by the US bombing in Afghanistan. Clinton also said that any loss of innocent life is “particularly painful.” Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s president, thanked Clinton for “showing concern and regret” and said he hoped they would work together completely to reduce civilian casualties in the struggle against terrorism.’

Jessica Barry, a spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), said that the organisation sent a team to the region after concerned tribal leaders had contacted them seeking help. “When [our team] went to the first two villages where these incidents took place they saw dozens of bodies. They saw graves and they saw people being buried,” she told Al Jazeera. Barry said that an ICRC community-based first aid volunteer and his extended family, including his five daughters and three sons, were among the dead.


2 Responses to “100 Dead Civilians Today in Obama’s War”

  1. Jotman Says:

    1. Americans have been fighting the Taliban for years. Taliban doesn’t exactly mean terrorist, but the difference is murky. Anyway, Taliban = the bad guys, enemy type.

    2. Americans are in a “Do Something” frenzy regarding the situation in Afghanistan and now Pakistan in which the “bad guys” seem to be gaining the upper hand.

    3. Bombing is Doing Something. In Central Asia it is easy, safe (nobody fires back at your planes or drones), and makes a president look like he means business.

    A lot of assumptions.

  2. RickB Says:

    And a campaign that co-opted anti war votes has installed a president who is prosecuting a greater conflict, but war is what the US does best, it takes the largest chunk of federal funds and with bailouts taking money they have to look busy before someone asks what do they pay them for. Empire runs on a fuel of enemies.

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