Getting Away With It

So…you blow up UN compounds, shoot civilians, commit blatant war crimes, then the UN writes a report, it won’t publish the full report

Although the full, 184-page findings of the UN board of inquiry will not be made public, the 27-page summary emphasised that UN premises are inviolable, and that inviolability cannot be set aside by the demands of military expediency.

…just the summary then within hours of the report which you reject out of hand, then you make some calls and the head of the UN stops the investigations going any further.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday said a damning UN report on Israel’s conduct in its recent offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip was not legally binding.

Ban made the comments in a letter he agreed to attach to the report at the request of Foreign Ministry director-general Yossi Gal, who traveled to New York on Monday for meetings with Ban’s aides on the matter.

Hence disincentive to commit more war crimes and more exterminations of the population of the land you are colonising – none.

At the same time you are very carefully neglecting to mention a state for the dispossessed.

[nb.I think the two state solution is hardly ideal but its absence without talk of a one state solution is suspicious. AIPAC realising this are now talking about it more even though from inside the conference there is little talk and the main Israeli politicians did not mention it.]

And they must acknowledge the state that is enveloping them is a theocracy for the ‘chosen people’ and them?

“Palestinians must recognize Israel as the Jewish state.  They must recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.”-Bibi Netanyahu, by video feed from Israel to the AIPAC policy conference.

Well being not chosen and being denied any state of their own that means- apartheid. So let’s lay this out, Netanyahu’s vision (?):- Israel will eventually be all the land of ‘Greater Israel’ non Jews within the Israeli theocracy will have fewer rights and greater limits on their freedom. An anti apartheid struggle will form in greater Israel, it will take decades, there will be deaths and torture by the state to force submission on the ‘others’ but as South Africa showed, apartheid does not last even as its fuel of brutality grows.

A Jewish state by force is doomed, Zionism is a dead end ideology, the journey to a genuine democratic one state solution is decades away and paved with horror. What could alter this path? America (the Israeli right -which is er,  all of the political parties, hey no wonder America is such an ally…- seems like a school bully who knows he has impunity because his similarly thuggish father is school governor). But as the quashing of prosecutions on lobbyist/spies and the Jane Harman scandal demonstrates (as opposed to persecution of Palestinian’s or academics challenging the official version on the Middle East in America) America’s special relationship with Israel is something between ally and sister statelet (also illustrated by some progressives who will decry an American theocracy but say nothing about Israel’s).

At best America will end up agreeing to Palestinian lands that are in effect really only townships under the sufferance of the IDF and 200 nuclear warheads. I suspect this would be sold as a real national solution as so many were able to dismiss from their mind that Gaza remained under siege as apologists crowed about Israel withdrawing. In other words the discourse and mediated simulacrum of Israel and Palestine is so fictional and biased against truthful representation that any ‘solution’ will be unlikely to be what it appears to be, so part of any process, for it be succesful, will have to be a change in the media’s cowardice when confronted by Zionist lobbyists (although as this is a longstanding phenomenon the institutional bias without outside pressure is also powerfully entrenched).


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  1. harpymarx Says:

    “nb.I think the two state solution is hardly ideal but its absence without talk of a one state solution is suspicious.”

    I am unclear what you mean by that, can you clarify. My own position on this is certainly a single secular state as two states poses real problems. Two states argument is not only politically wrong and dishonest but geographically impossible.

    What will the Palestinian state be like? A Bantustan. Who will have the control of the airspace and substrata especially regards to extraction of artesian water…? And that will depend on what kind of settlement is reached and who gets what in relation to land. Again, the only equitable way forward is a single secular state.

    Tariq Ali is correct when he says, ‘The only acceptable alternative is a single state for Jews and Palestinians alike, in which the exactions of Zionism are repaired.’

    • RickB Says:

      Well it suggests they have an end game in mind of a Greater Israel with ‘townships’/bantustans for the Palestinians best. It also could be taken as a sly suggestion (for their wingnut supporters) of running all the Palestinians out of Greater Israel, ‘cleansing’ them. As for hardly ideal I think it is not the solution in the way a single state is but if the choices at present are some kind of statehood vs. the current situation it is a slight improvement, then such things as sieges would be harder for Israel to hide. And yes water rights, border sovereignty would be a massive problem, I also suspect that no Palestinian state will be allowed until parties acceptable to Washington are in power, so in the meantime Israel gets to liquidate political enemies. But I agree, in time the only workable result is one secular state and all religions equal before the law (and that really goes for anywhere, religion and political power are not good in combination it is by definition anti democratic, ‘god’ and the people who claim to be his/her/its/nobodies BFF don’t obey the vote, they don’t have to, they answer to a ‘higher power’). Of course many just use whatever rationale provided by culture (religion, democracy freedom etc) is lying about to excuse their pathological shortcomings and appetite for domination and violence. So the problem is not just the religious traditions, it’s the human nature they sometimes cloak and y’know, colonisation, that’s kind of the biggie.

  2. harpymarx Says:

    Another problem with two states is where does it leave Israeli Arabs, also Palestinians who still live within the 1948 Israel borders. You end up with two confessional states. And confessional states are indeed bad for the health…

    On the issue of South Africa, there are similarities, parallels and differences. The ANC had more powerful allies (former Soviet Union and Cuba…who were able to show military support).

  3. harpymarx Says:

    Btw I wasn’t being critical I just wanted clarification of your ideas on the subject.

  4. RickB Says:

    No worries, I can see the 2 state being a red herring that even if enacted will not protect from the expansionist zionists. Until it is outed for the sick ideology it is the problem remains intractable. Then a single state is possible, I just don’t see any prospect on the horizon, at least until oil loses it’s importance (or runs out) to the US, that is the factor that makes the whole area aligned to resources and capital and so allies for Palestine are scarce.

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