Don’t Panic

Would it surprise you to hear reporting of the flu/swine fever thang is wildly sensational and tinged with racism? Ok it wouldn’t. Anyways as Otto recommends and I concur check The Mex Files and you won’t be a pendejo.

Update: Google Map possibly a bit panic porny.

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  1. libhomo Says:

    We have so little information at this point. It just doesn’t make sense to jump to any conclusions quite yet. It’s starting to look like we will have a global pandemic of a new flu strain that isn’t that deadly, but we just don’t know anything.

    I also wonder if people dying in Mexico have other diseases that have contributed to their fatalities, given that poverty in Mexico has created a situation where many more people have treatable illnesses there than in rich countries.

    • RickB Says:

      From the latest I have seen it perhaps began in a US owned industrial pig facility, fatality rates in Mexico have only been around 10% ish which does show a pretty good response even for Calderon, I would guess though any nation without decent socialised healthcare will be worse hit unless govt. enforces treatment from organisations who o usually only want to make a profit, also…Donald Rumsfeld owns a shit load in Tamiflu, (or did) so he gets rich off misery as usual. Given Obama’s scare (although turns out the guy he met did of something else), I would expect a robust response and perhaps a chance for the healthcare debate to be advanced beyond the current shut out of single payer (which the majority want it appears, but the corporate/govt complex don’t).

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