Crackdown On Draft Resistors in Israel

Throughout this Ynet piece they call if draft dodging, ho hum-

Six suspects, one of them a 70-year old woman, were detained for questioning and released Sunday on suspicion that they preached in favor of dodging the IDF’s draft. Police say more suspects have been located and will be detained. 

Police have been following the activities of two websites called Target 21 and New Profile, which encourage youths to dodge the mandatory draft. Officers used IP addresses to locate computers outputting information to the sites and arrived at the owners’ homes Sunday morning to search the premises.

New Profile, on its part, stated that it was a public and fully legal establishment and that the interrogation violated freedom of speech. “The militarization of Israeli society harms the sacred principles of democracy, freedom of speech, and political freedom. For people who thought that only Israeli-Arabs were being framed for criminal political activity, this morning was proof that none of us can be sure of the permission to express ourselves freely regarding the failings of Israel’s society and regime,” the statement said.

Below is the video of Bassem Aburahma being killed by the IDF. Those who resist the draft are moral people, no surprise the government wants to attack them, just as the US and Neocon Canadian governments attack their resistors.– Bassem Aburahma (nick-named ElFeel, the elephant, for he was always thought of as a giant among his peers) is seen pleading with Israeli soldiers to wait…wait… (saying Raiga in Hebrew) as Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals protested the land confiscation and building of the apartheid fence on vilage land. The soldiers then shoot Bassem point blank with a high velocity gas grenade which kills him within five minutes.  The white-haired man protesting to the Israeli military thugs is also Israeli, outraged at what his own country is doing to the Palestinians. Although the dialogue is in Arabic and Hebrew, you don’t need much translation to be appalled.

It is also the reason why those concern rolls doing the ‘Whither the Palestinian Gandhi?’ nonsense can have a nice steaming cup of STFU, their wilful ignorance is grating. There is a great deal of non violent resistance, so why are you unaware of it, and the US support of the IDF? Philip Weiss says it nicer here.

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