Criminal Regrets Getting Caught

Trust the Washington Post to allow a war criminal to begin his defence in the public sphere with ‘friends’ speaking for him (some anonymous! Ooh those hard hitting hacks, they don’t even get the man to speak and let the quotes come from anonymous ‘friends’). What is clear from the end though is- Bybee took the OLC gig, wrote what was needed of him, signed off on what was wanted of him to get the job he wanted as a judge. So he committed war crimes in the name of his career, what a guy. An absolute copy of Hannah Arendt’s observations of Eichmann except this time a US paper is propagating the coward’s pathetic rationalisations. Or.. read his anonymous friends telling how he loves kittens, sunrises, God and is full of regret (or something my eyes glazed over after a while)…now he might lose his job (or heaven forfend get prosecuted). He’s a smart and corrupt lawyer, this is the opening of his defence and the WaPo is shill enough to cooperate, as ever. I would expect a lot more of these humanising the torturer elite pieces over the next few years, after all they’ve already parlayed the ‘Support the troops’ patrio-imperio-porn (with a healthy unexamined side of racism) into feeling sorry for the agents who actually did the torture.

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