Pig Ignorant

It’s not so much what this plod posted to Facebook

“Rob Ward can’t wait to bash some long haired hippys up @ the G20.”

Twenty minutes later another Facebook user posted a reply that said: “Dats bad but good in da same way lol [laugh out loud].”

But that the culture of the police led him to think it was a funny and acceptable thing to write. Also it’s nice to see their pejorative nomenclature is around 40 years out of date, fascists eh?


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  1. HarpyMarx Says:

    As Tony Bunyan pointed in his bk, ‘The Political Police in Britain’, the police were in part created as a kind of militia to keep the masses under control. They smashed up political meetings such as National Political Union of the Working Classes.
    They spied on meetings, baton charged a demo held in Bath circa 1833 where one person died, a cop. The coroner’s jury returned ‘justifiable homicide’… The Government appealed and got the decision overturned!!
    And the police were given more powers to smash the Chartist movement.

    Sound familiar, deja vu…?

    The bourgeois will and has, historically, protected their own political interests and that includes using functioning agents of the state such as the police, the ‘modern police’ were created as capitalism was growing and as working class were growing as a political voice.

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  3. opit Says:

    Do you think people will start realizing that Gilbert and Sullivan were writing scathing farce again ?
    Comparison of Britain’s serf-based system to Napoleonic law :
    In UK, police have career incentives to produce troublemakers
    In France, loss of a case because the Prosecutor has falsified evidence is moore likely to lead to scandal and job loss than promotion.
    J’Assuse !

    • RickB Says:

      Craig Murray Loves G&S I seem to remember.
      And of course the English/ruling class were at war with the revolutionaries, at one point threatening to put the whole population of Paris to death. And the French have mass demos too, lots to be said for their society that ours with Royalty and largely unchallenged elite lacks.

  4. opit Says:

    I wasn’t even thinking of Craig.
    He does threaten to finally become conscious of the farce that is history and media…though I won’t hold my breath.
    As for the French…Madame Guillotine seemed to have had a lasting salutary effect on social consciousness.
    I loved Tale of Two Cities.

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