Nice Try Neoliberal Scum

The Institute for Fiscal Studies founded by a banker, an investment trust manager, a stockbroker and a tax consultant can Fuck Off. Take their piece of shit report and stuff if up their biased right wing financier arses. You feel me?


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  1. earwicga Says:

    “At risk? Efficiency savings planned from shorter stays in hospital, lower drug costs and improved commissioning by primary care trusts. Public health and prevention vulnerable; sexual health, mental health and services for the elderly may also be targets.”

    All this has already been done though.

    • RickB Says:

      It doesn’t stop, just like welfare ‘reform’ it’s a continuous revolution that ends with the services no longer existing except as private facilities for those with the ability to pay. The ‘crisis’ is a shock and they seek to take advantage of it.

      • earwicga Says:

        Well, there’s always MRSA, syphilis, suicide and euthanasia to lighten the load on the good old tax payer. How about ‘Bring your own paracetamol to take as they wheel the trolley out the operating theatre to the taxi, and a good old sniff of glue instead of anaesthesia ?

  2. harpymarx Says:

    He’s good Richard Murphy and have heard him speak. He is one of authors to this document (he has written on tax havens)

    I also recommend Graham Turner and his book The Credit Crunch.

    The neo-liberal agenda wants to totally trash the welfare state. Social security goes against the ideology of worshipping at the altar of corporate capitalism. Marketisation and privatisation at full throttle and if you are poor then ….well, there’s the gutter. And the likes of McNulty and Purnell will help you on your way.

    NL hasn’t and will not abandon the neo-liberal agenda. When Alistair Darling said his mini budget last year was Keynesian… he was havin’ a larf!

    • RickB Says:

      Yeah he’s great, thanks for the link. I think tax havens are the coming big battle, one of his colleagues I heard said around a third of global turnover is now going through them in one way or another, as if the rich live on a different planet (and pay nothing towards the one they exploit).
      I would love to see Purnell cross over to Cameron, it’s just tribalism that separates them, they are otherwise the same. McNulty strikes me as the shifty manager of a job centre who is fiddling the books and harassing the women.

  3. Seán Says:

    Accumulation by dispossession as, i believe, the kids are now saying…

  4. ralfast Says:

    I’ll so you one worse. Here (Puerto Rico) the current Pro-Statehood/Empire party who won the recent elections has a new bill call “The Public/Private Partnership” project. To put it simply, they are firing tens of thousands of public employees (10,000 teachers got the heads up yesterday, that’s right 10k teachers!), sell off all manner of public entities and privatize the rest.

    An attempt to destroy the goverment, hand it over to a corrupt neoliberal cabal who we know will already do the job badly (hospitals, the telephone company and the water treatment service were all privatized in the 90s, with horrific results).

    I guess they are hoping that the situation will get so bad that people will clamor for statehood and final political assimilation in sheer desperation. Or simply once their four years are up they are going to take the money and run.

    Did I mention they sold those public utilities and services for pennies to the dollar?

    • RickB Says:

      Fuck! They are asset stripping you, are the teachers reacting in any organised way? Guaranteed all those implementing the sell offs will in time get to wet their beak from those penny give aways. Sorry it is happening to you, it’s a cancer everywhere, a way of trickling that capital up while claiming a saintly devotion to better services.
      No surprise think tanks are now emitting these reports like sewage, there is a crisis to be taken advantage of. Bankers get bonuses (even paid with our money), everyone else gets fired or pay freezes, the inequality is obvious to see. It’s war with poverty as their WMD.

      • ralfast Says:

        Their organized. In fact, due to the curious nature of colonial rule, the last neoliberal (pro-statehood, self-hating goverment) passed a law to unionize everybody!

        But before you say “how enlightened” they did it sop they could funnel money to the American Unions and the Democratic Party.

        Their economic strategy seems to be “borrow and sell”.

  5. RickB Says:

    So not only sucking up wealth for themselves but also for their masters in the US, a double rip off! Just pray they don’t suddenly discover a huge oil reserve.

  6. opit Says:

    Sounds like destruction of public services infrastructure to me, RickB. I posted my nightmare here
    The ‘smoking gun’…for me at least…was

  7. RickB Says:

    Absolutely, good to see your links to Coal River Mountain Watch. I think in the back of their minds is the idea they can buy everything- water, food, security while the rest of us play at Mad Max like fools, egged on by media they own and run.

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