Ian Tomlinson Had Head Injury

Tomlinson Head Wound

I don’t think a matter of great public interest means Sky can claim this picture as an exclusive for themselves, but there it is, big red Murdochian ‘Exclusive’ all over it.

Guardian:- A photograph emerged today apparently showing the newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson with a head injury before his death during the G20 protests. The latest blurred image, broadcast on Sky News, showed what appeared to be large bruising on the right of Mr Tomlinson’s forehead, said Sky.

It was consistent with video footage that has already revealed how his head hit the ground after being pushed over by a police officer. The footage showed he was walking away from police with his hands in his pockets when he was hit from behind by the Metropolitan police officer.

Asked today if it would form part of an investigation, an IPCC spokesman said: “We’re looking at lots of CCTV and images from various places, but we’re not going to give a running commentary on an ongoing criminal investigation.” The home affairs select committee member David Winnick told Sky News: “It is coming out in dribs and drabs. It must be very disturbing for his immediate family.

“And therefore I would have hoped that as much information could have been given initially, instead of what is happening at the moment.”

I think Winnick has a good point, this must be hell for the family but it seems it is the only way because the police, most media and establishment were intent on covering up or downplaying the killing. And…how did the first post mortem ‘miss‘ it? The importance to all citizens is if we are intimidated from protesting on our own streets by a police force that can get away with murder then there is little to protect us from anything the government might choose to do, it is that simple. And bear in mind this is a government currently covering up torture and has committed an aggressive invasion (facilitated with lies), the “supreme crime” as it was called at Nuremberg.

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