Whiny Authoritarians Of The Police Federation

The Police Federation the tame right wing company -fake- union for police has displayed the sure sign of authoritarians everywhere: Going apeshit when even a scintilla of their authority is questioned. Hysterically they call Nick Hardwick the head of the IPCC  ‘witchfinder general‘, no really. I think what must of really riled their entitled egos was-

He also said police needed to remember they were “servants, not masters” of the people.

Wow, such radical anti-police campaigning! Of course they are also trying to create a narrow band of acceptable discourse, if the IPCC (which has failed in its remit, a catalogue of delays, rejections and basic failures by Nick Davies of Flat Earth News fame) can become the ‘anti’ police side, then the police have very little to worry about indeed.


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  1. InMyHumbleEtc » Blog Archive » “If she weighed the same as a duck… she’s made of wood” - The police federation and the witchfinder - ….with your host, Dixie Clicker Says:

    […] Oh dear. The cops are angry. Odly enough, you won’t like them when they’re angry. From the press association: The Police Federation accused IPCC chairman Nick Hardwick of running a witch-hunt against G20 officers and depicted him as a “grandstanding anti-police campaigner”. […]

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