Stupid War Profiteers- Custer Battles

First, the name, Custer lost his most famous battle, ok it’s named after its founders but ego has overcome good sense in the branding process I would aver. Anyways, Cyrus @ Iran Affairs discovered this trail of intrigue in court filings, do read the whole thing, excerpts-

Battles accidentally left behind an astonishing spreadsheet, which contained rows listing items invoiced under the Dinar Exchange Contract and separate columns listing the ‘Actual Cost’ for the items and the amount ‘Invoiced’ for the items.

This document showed, for example, that for the Baghdad hub of the dinar exchange program, Custer Battles provided two flatbed trucks, for which it paid $18,000 but invoiced the Coalition Authority $80,000. To provide “Life Support, basic level” at the Bagdad hub, it provided generators that cost $74,000 but for which it invoiced the Coalition Authority $400,000.

As it turns out, the money that Custer Battles was paid with was not US money — no, it consisted of “seized” money that the US had gotten from Iraq.

So one theft… after another, like the man said War Is A Racket.

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