City of London Police Inspector Hides Number

This police officer searched a protester using s60 powers which he then told his colleagues they should search him for ID which is an offence. April 2nd 2009. He then refused to identify himself after breaking the law. Not surprising for these lying murdering bastards really.

In this sort of amusing clip (in a grim Pythonesque way) seemingly christened the ‘Bishopsgate Police Station’ clip (watch and you’ll understand). His badge shows inspector rank and he is City of London (gold -oh the City!-  insignia, red chequerboard). So a supervising officer breaking the law, makes the bad apple get out a bit of a toughie when Inspectors are doing it.

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Update: A commenter informs me ‘Inspectors and above don`t have numbers.’ In which case why not tell the questioner that and give his rank and name? I phoned the City of London plod who say that yes Inspectors would not have their number on their epaulettes, they could however have a name on their front. So the title should be City of London Police Inspector Hides Identity.


7 Responses to “City of London Police Inspector Hides Number”

  1. Pillsbury Says:

    Inspectors and above don`t have numbers.

    • RickB Says:

      Really? Can someone confirm this, that even on public order duty they do not wear numbers, they are legally exempt from that requirement? Why didn’t he explain that to the people questioning him? And why not just give his rank and name then?

      • Steve B Says:

        Inspector’s and above do not have collar numbers. They have a stick number. Therefore they do not wear numbers on their epaulettes just the Inspector Insignia. Also, Under Section 60 Powers, they dont need the reasonable suspicion like under PACE 1. The person searched will be entiltled to a copy of the S.60 search record if they apply to the local nick within 12 months. On that form will have the searching officer’s details.

  2. Pillsbury Says:

    I agree with the latter part of your proposition. Numbers are not a legal requirement but an administrative one.

    • RickB Says:

      The City of London police said they can wear a name badge, I think the question becomes why do they prefer to be anonymous in public order operations? I’d say it’s the same reason anyone conceals their identity when expecting to do something they do not want to experience the consequences of.

  3. libhomo Says:

    Why does England allow the “City of London” to exist as a separate entity anyway?

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