Bolivian Assassination Vacation

This is a complicated story and a really good place to star would be at blogmig@ Otto’s Inca Kola News. From the looks of it the Irish -macho fantasist- guy got in way over his head with actual mercenaries and fascists (and fans of fellow Croatian war criminals) who quite possibly were in the pay of Santa Cruz fascist supremo Branco Marinkovic and yes folks, you guessed it, there could be a US govt. connection! Try to act surprised! On the alleged leader mercenary’s -possible- blogsite

you discover just how fucked up and well…dumb he was (if not a liar). While being a Muslim who was against the Iraq war and supported Palestinians he was also a fanatical anti-Serb, anti-communist -fascist- and somehow got convinced Evo Morales was an enemy even though he is an indigenous leader who also supports the Palestinians (Or…some of that is to smear people who are anti-war and pro-Palestinian hmmm). So ultimately one could conclude (not unsurprisingly) mercenaries mostly love the violence, love fascism (so closely aligned to machismo, patriarchal oppression synthesising with the authoritarian repression), like money and aren’t all that smart.


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  1. otto Says:

    You can confirm that’s the late Eduardo’s blog.

    Check out Bina News of the Restless for a rundown of the guy.

    There’s other shit i’ve found out that i didn’t put in that hack’s primer, BTW. Gotta let ’em find a few things out for themselves :-). For example, the masonic lodge headed up by Marincovich has run the local telephone company COTAS for the last 3 decades. And guess where the Bolivian police found the arms stash that included enough C4 to lay waste to the whole area? Amazingly enough in a refrigerator at the COTAS stand of the local trade show.

    There’s all sorts of wormystuff to come out of this woodwork, Rick. Bolivian Veep Garcia Linares today said that the gang they cuaght is only one, they have positives on other people and cells and at least one guy is out there with a state-of-the-art snipers rifle and experience on how to use it from….roll on the drums…Croatia.

    Meanwhile, I’ve noted the irish press and blogosphere going to denial, go straight to denial, do not pass go do not collect the truth. Much emphasis is being placed on the fact this Dwyer guy has no criminal record. Amazing how quickly people want to forget the details like how he was hangnig around in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for 118 days with a bunch of far-righties (and these guys are extreme) carrying firearms…an immediate no no for foreign johnnies in Bolivia.

  2. RickB Says:

    Thanks for the update, not surprised at the Irish press just like any they take the tribal approach to news of incidents abroad. But I have thought about this and unless he was far more expert than it appears it seems maybe he was a useful idiot for the pros, maybe a patsy/scapegoat once the hit was done so maybe his future was death either way.

  3. otto Says:

    Perfectly possible. It’s more and more likely that Dwyer was a boy playing men’s games. Also, the Flores character profiles as a true psychopath and wouldn’t have thought twice about using him for his own ends.

  4. RickB Says:

    That would explain his blog, superficially manipulative, but without understanding/empathy of the issues, or principles around use/nonuse of violence.

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