The Liberal Defence of Torture*

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This morning on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”, Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, said the White House did not support prosecuting — not only CIA officers who tortured, believing in “good faith” what they were doing was legal — but would also not support the prosecution of “those who devised the [interrogations/torture] policy.” This is clearest statement yet from the Obama White House of their (non-)intentions, and it’s an outrage. — Here’s the link to the video, and H/T to Ateo.

Now we find out how much the liberal blogosphere really cares about prosecutions of torturers from the Bush administration? Because the gauntlet is now thrown down (not by me, by Obama).

I am heartened to see Crooks & Liars are posting about this. Just as New Labour betrayed everyone who supported them, Obama the self confessed ‘New’ Democrat is introducing America to a similar journey. It is different for the US though, they are not beholden to an Empire that they are expected to support, but they are beholden to a military/industrial/political/cultural complex whose largely unexamined imperialism means now over half the federal budget is devoted to war. Combined with the paramilitary and unaccountable CIA that has massive power and is unaffected by any vote or change of administration ie. there are no democratic means of challenging this hegemony. And now they know they can kill, torture and destroy evidence at will. That is the wide open door to absolute tyranny. 12 years on and Labour supporters have yet to retake their party from the conservatives and corporate technocrats who infiltrated and took it over. So Dear Americans of the actual left/liberal persuasion you have my sympathy, believe me it sucks when you no longer have any representation (or chance of it) in government. If the lesser evil is the best Change we can Hope for, then we really are selling ourselves short. We have yet to find an answer in the UK, the Unions still fund New Labour, turkeys voting for Christmas. To be honest I don’t know how able anyone would be to take on the CIA even if they wanted to, maybe the subtext of this is not just how power filters those seeking it but there are institutions now so entrenched and powerful unless you are also in a powerful gang/tribe/party/institution you are prey. So they make nice with each other and woe betide any individual their attention turns to. And if that doesn’t sound much like democracy, that’s because it isn’t, yet vanity insists we call it that. Ho-hum.

*With apologies.


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  1. otto Says:

    Check out Bernard Chazelle in today’s Tiny Revolution

    I know RB has it on his RSS, too. Chazelle reallyu parses Obama on this and hey!…guess what??…yep, found wanting.

  2. RickB Says:

    This post?
    He does indeed and good to see Mitrione mentioned, a total scumbag who gets called a hero. And connects the domestic brutality to US practices abroad. For instance meet ‘The Chair’

  3. otto Says:

    And that ain’t the comfy chair, Cardinal Biggles

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