Ballard, Crashed

So long JG Ballard, I think his books will grow in importance, he occupied a unique territory, actually taken seriously when writing SF. But most importantly he defied such simple classification. I tend to think he reported on the human condition and its cultural and psychological fetishes in a fiercely original and revelatory way. Where other authors might strive for effect and sensationalism I think he was always sincere, his perspective was accurate and creative. Those who couldn’t take him, were those whose worldview was constucted on denial, prurience and hypocrisy (New Labour?).

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  1. harpymarx Says:

    That’s sad. Liked Ballard. Thought Crash was fascinating and I agree with what you say about the ‘human condition’ and Ballard’s understanding of it but believed he scored an own goal with Cocaine Nights.

    But sad nonetheless and he wrote some very good stuff slamming into New Labour:

    In 2005 he wrote – “Gordon Brown gave the task of controlling inflation to the Bank of England, and perhaps our politicians should surrender more of their roles to better-qualified agencies. Perhaps UK plc would thrive if assigned to the two companies that will decide our planet’s future – Microsoft and the Disney Corporation. Tony Blair would at last feel completely at home.”

    • RickB Says:

      Yes unlike a certain generation of UK novelists he didn’t swallow the NL bullshit and support war crimes. After reading Super Cannes I seemed to meet people every so often who could have stepped off the pages.

  2. otto Says:


    Empire of the Sun is a marvel of a book.


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