Friday! American Music Club- Gratitude Walks

The mighty Mark Eitzel leading American Music Club live. Now that is an artist performing, heart and soul. Rare in this commodified music style flavoured* landscape.

Drunk on the kind of applause
That gets louder the lower you sink

*Contains 6% human creativity and extract of soul 5% by volume.  Manufactured in a factory that also handles nuts.

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Make The BBC Call Torture Torture

In this article –CIA ‘amnesty’ dismays campaigners– the BBC adopt various euphemism for torture, they do not call it torture. I would ask you to complain via this online form and request they use the correct language. This is what I wrote:-
Re: CIA ‘amnesty’ dismays campaigners
In this article the reporter chooses not to refer to the techniques used as torture. This is not balance, by any objective assessment of the techniques and by the legal definition as well as basic dictionary definitions the techniques were torture. To not call it that is to be biased towards the Whitehouse’s preferred language. The practices were torture, only the administration’s lawyers and officials argue they are not and as this news is worldwide the opinion of a small number of people from one country -people who were intimately involved in the process and therefore have an incentive to obscure the facts through misuse of language-  should not dictate the BBC’s terminology. Any euphemisms should be put in quotes, the BBC’s language should reflect the legal and universal definitions of torture, therefore the BBC should call it torture. A failure to do so is to propagate a corrupt linguistic meme that has political objectives.

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IPCC News Dump Second Post-Mortem Findings

Jules Carey, of Tuckers, the solicitor representing Tomlinson’s family- “The IPCC opposed the disclosure of Dr Cary’s findings until they satisfied themselves that it would not prejudice their investigation of the officer. It is of some comfort to the family that the record is now being put straight, but they hope that the IPCC investigation will be expedited and thorough, and that there will be a prompt referral to the CPS for charge.”

He said the family had been aware of the findings of the second pathology report for a week and had been forced to endure “continuing reports in the press that Ian died of a heart attack”.

So a whole week and they choose to ok it on a Friday afternoon, newsdump baby. Statement from the coroner-

“On 9 April 2009 HM Coroner for the City of London opened and adjourned the inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson. In so doing he received evidence of identification and the provisional findings and opinion as to the medical cause of death from a report prepared by the consultant forensic pathologist, Dr F Patel, instructed by HM Coroner to conduct the post-mortem examination. The pathologist’s final opinion must await the completion of additional tests.

“Dr F Patel made a number of findings of fact including descriptions of a number of injuries and of diseased organs including the heart and liver. He found a substantial amount of blood in the abdominal cavity. His provisional interpretation of his findings was that the cause of death was coronary artery disease.

“A subsequent post-mortem examination was conducted by another consultant forensic pathologist, Dr N Cary, instructed by the IPCC and by solicitors acting for the family of the late Mr Tomlinson. Dr Cary’s provisional findings and his interpretation of the findings have been provided to HM Coroner in a further preliminary report (the final report once again awaiting the outcome of further tests). Dr Cary’s opinion is that the cause of death was abdominal haemorrhage.

“The cause of the haemorrhage remains to be ascertained. Dr Cary accepts that there is evidence of coronary atherosclerosis but states that in his opinion its nature and extent is unlikely to have contributed to the cause of death. The opinions of both consultant pathologists are provisional and both agree that their final opinions must await the outcome of further investigations and tests. These are likely to take some time. The IPCC’s investigation into the death of Ian Tomlinson is ongoing.”

The second post mortem was only carried out because there was video of the last attack on Tomlinson, we are only at this point because of that video and the Guardian (and later Ch4 News) deciding to get behind this after they saw the news potential in the blogosphere’s coverage. The initial coverage was to downplay the significance and propagate the official version, where was the necessary journalistic skepticism of the establishment? The institutional checks and balances did nothing to bring this to light. And as this timing shows the IPCC are having to be pushed every step of the way and even then they are pulling stunts like this.