Obama Protects The Empire’s Torturers

Might makes right. Funereal disappointment at what I had hoped would not happen (though reasoned it probably would) render me finding typing rather pointless right now. Invictus has the goods.

Honestly what is there to say? The lowest form of human behaviour excused, protected and (in parts) praised. No Change, No Hope, nothing I can see to Believe In.

It’s the Imperialism stupid.

This means the UK now has a precedent, pressure and encouragement to cover up its torture, the Atlanticist & Anglosphere numpties –call any moral rejection of pre-emptive war and torture ‘anti-Americanism’– will keep the faith.

ACLU has the OLC torture memos.

Also see Glenn Greenwald.

PS. and Chris Floyd.

4 Responses to “Obama Protects The Empire’s Torturers”

  1. libhomo Says:

    A lot of us hoped that Obama would be less heinous than Hillary Clinton. We were wrong. They are political clones.

  2. opit Says:

    Funny that. The surprise and dismay is not yet to be over, as PYA was high on the administration’s agenda. Despite the fact that the US has landed on Canada’s Watch List for torture couresy the court system, there is one large impediment remaining, as I mentioned previously
    I read this as Congress ‘enabling’ torture.

    • RickB Says:

      Thanks opit for that link, it’s good to be reminded of the measures that have been taken that infer the intention to commit war crimes. Didn’t Canada withdraw that after the neocon admin stepped in to the fuss?

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