Two Thirds of UK Tamils Marched

As usual the police figures were a lot lower than other estimates, reckons 200,000+ which was an amazing two thirds of the British Tamil population!

In a historic show of solidarity, more than 200,000 British Tamils, nearly two thirds of Tamils resident in Britain, marched through the streets of London Saturday demanding immediate ceasefire and recognition of Tamil Eelam. Sparked off by the initiative of second generation diaspora Tamil youth and students four days earlier, the Saturday’s march became an unprecedented rallying point for the entire community, attracting the old students associations of the educational institutions of Eezham Tamils, functioning in London. The spirited participation of teens and mothers with babies in pushchairs significantly marked the level of community involvement in the agitation.

Whatever figure you want to choose it was a huge event and demands a serious and engaged response from the government. If only they can stop shipping arms to the Sri Lankan military for a few seconds.

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  1. harpymarx Says:

    It was an excellent demo.

    I got there after marching from Bethnal Green to Bank re Ian Tomlinson (which was a good turn out and where Tomlinson’s son spoke).

    It was utterly vibrant and dynamic, lots of vocal young people esp. women. And people really wanted you to take pix so I did, real encouragement because the media has been so bloody quiet about this genocide. And am pleased that you quote Tamil net as it is a good source. I also found a really informative blogsite set-up by a group of Australian Tamils whilst I was compiling the Carnival of Socialism (I included your post about the Sri Lankan government shelling a Tamil hospital because the comparisons are there with Israel and the Palestinians. Tamils on Saturday were holding placards making that comparison as well).

    Jeremy Corbyn MP spoke at the rally and he estimated over 200,00 people as even after an hour or so people were still entering Hyde Park. Like I said it was a great demo, hardly any press or photographers (except freelancers)…
    The genocide is still going pretty much unheard even on the left that’s why I consciously included in the Carnival of Socialism.

    Demands include: Self-determination for the Tamils, ceasefire now, Sri Lankan military out of the Tamil homeland, stop selling arms to Sri Lankan government and lift the ban on the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), as this represents the Tamil people…Boycott Sri Lanka etc as a holiday destination.

    And the government here should lift the ban on the Tamil Tigers describing them as a terrorist organisation.

    Bit rich in ye olde hypocrisy as Britain hasn’t got a problem with selling arms, for example, or dealing with Israel, Chile (Pinochet years), Colombia and its death squads, Indonesia (when the Brit government was selling arms that were used to ethnically cleanse the East Timorese, from mid-1970s onwards).

    • RickB Says:

      I was looking for arms sales figures, they increased dramatically from 2000, from about 1 million to 8 million about two years ago. Could not find up to date info…

      Thanks for the report, I think that kind of turnout means the govt. has to do more than appoint Des Browne to be a special envoy (who Sri Lanka rejected anyway). Even as a standard practice if that many people demonstrate the govt should automatically have to meet with the leaders and negotiate over their demands. Pretending their vote some years ago gives them better connection to public desires than such protests is the lie of our democracy.

  2. Shafiq Says:

    I’m not Tamil but if I lived in London, I would’ve taken part.

  3. RickB Says:

    D’oh! That’s exactly what I was looking for ! Yep I read some of the Tamilnet stories, 2007 was a big year for our weapons makers
    UK arms sales to Sri Lanka match tsunami aid

  4. libhomo Says:

    You can see the power of arms dealers. There hasn’t been a serious international peacekeeping effort dedpite years of war.

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