Drone Attacks Kill 49 Civilians For Every 1 Al Qaeda Killed In Pakistan

And that’s the figures for Pakistan, apparently the Afghan Ambassador to the US commenting on drone attacks in his country thinks-

“This is a price that we have to pay if we want security and stability in Afghanistan, the region and the world, ” he said in Washington on Friday.

I would submit that any force/administration that is killing 49 civilians for every 1 enemy target is practising a very basic and obvious terrorism and is undeserving of support. There are no good possible ends from these means. (ht2 Chris Floyd)

Full report on the Pakistan deaths-

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Google Disappear Norman Finkelstein’s Site

Both Jews san frontieres & Philip Weiss have discovered in the last few days Norman Finkelstein’s site has been disappeared from Google search results, you still get other sites with relevance to him and his work but not his own-


So what gives? Mistaken blacklisting or deliberate action?