It Was a TSG Officer

And over 48hours later still not questioned, also hilariously the Met claim they didn’t mislead the press.

…sources with knowledge of the inquiry said the officer from the Met’s territorial support group had yet to be interviewed by the IPCC, which declined to confirm or deny whether investigators had spoken to him.

As the Met released a statement insisting the force had not intended to deliberately mislead the public over the death, Nick Hardwick, chairman of the IPCC, defended his organisation’s handling of the case. He revealed the watchdog had received witness statements alleging contact between Tomlinson and police as early as Friday. But it was not until five days later that the IPCC investigation became an independent criminal inquiry, rather than one overseen by the watchdog but conducted by City of London police. The announcement came only after the Guardian handed the watchdog a dossier of evidence indicating that Tomlinson, who was not a protester, had been assaulted as he walked home from work.

Clearly both the police & IPCC were going to sit tight and ignore it, only independent video forced this into the open. A Rotten Force with a corrupted oversight body.

Hardwick also hinted at the significance of the Guardian’s footage when he revealed there were no CCTV cameras in the area where Tomlinson was assaulted.

Is this true, really? In that part of London? Does that mean the cops knew they were in a blind spot so they could crack some heads? Or is it to defuse people asking -where’s the CCTV footage? And what about police helicopter & FIT footage? And what about these-

Pic by fotdmike

Pic by fotdmike @flickr

About the personal video system VV3000. Any of those rolling in the vicinity?

The IPCC previously said-

“The investigation is continuing to look through CCTV footage to see whether the incident inside Royal Exchange Passage has been captured and we already have a number of witness accounts from the area.

So how can you look through footage if there are no cameras? Do they mean none in the immediate area but ones close by might have caught it in their periphery? Or do they mean- Footage Deleted.

Harriet Wistrich, who represents the family of Jean Charles De Menezes, the Brazilian shot dead by police who misidentified him as a suicide bomber, said last night that the Guardian’s video appeared to show strong evidence that a crime had been committed. “In these circumstances, I can’t reason why the officer involved could not be arrested and questioned under caution at this time.”


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