Obstruction and Censorship At The G20 Murder

Jim Jay has evidence that the police also obstructed the ambulance as it tried to get to Ian Tomlinson, which is something the false statement the police put out through the gullible media accused protesters of. Maybe a good rule with police statements is to assume projection in an attempt to deny their culpability. But also form that post, the police stopped photographers form recording their activity, read the article from the British Journal of Photography, having been caught the Met ‘apologise’ which sounds so lovely and polite until you realise their objective has been achieved and this is after the fact PR. Also ask yourself if the official press were barred and pictures force deleted by police of everyone else then what record to contradict the police falsehoods covering up Ian Tomlinson’s murder, the CCTV? The same CCTV that mysteriously stops working at crucial times & places when the police injure or kill someone? And note the police photograph and film the public constantly for a database they denied existed.

Update: Via HarpyMarx, the cop is on suspension but we learn-

The officer in the video, who was wearing riot gear and whose face was covered by a balaclava, identified himself to his manager and the IPCC yesterday as fresh pictures suggested he had removed his shoulder number and covered his face with a balaclava before hitting Tomlinson with a baton and then pushing him to the ground on Cornhill, in the City of London, last Wednesday.

Shows premeditation to me, bet he’s lawyered up like a mofo.


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  1. harpymarx Says:

    They suspended the cop who attacked Ian Tomlinson yet… the other cops in that video, funny enough, haven’t come forward.

    Nick Hardwick, IPCC top dog, stated on C4 News tonight
    when challenged about CCTV footage…he said..’There isn’t any in that area’…

    Er, Nick, it’s around the Bank of England…. and you’re telling people there aint no CCTV cameras or footage.

    Icing on the cake though was when he said:
    ‘There will be a rigorous and impartial investigation’… And that there won’t be any cover-ups

    Laugh….I couldn’t stop!

    • RickB Says:

      I’ve just seen your post, I will add a PS as I think the cops actions show premeditation, the IPCC might find this is the case that breaks them.

  2. harpymarx Says:

    And now the truth is emerging about cops lies as this time last wk it was all about ‘natural causes’, ‘bottle chucking protesters’ etc etc. Week later, the independent witnesses were correct when they said they saw Ian Tomlinson being attacked but the IPCC drags its collective feet. What woulda happened if that video footage hadn’t emerged…a cover-up.
    Maybe, just maybe, the rosetinted glasses may fall off the public and that, as Tom Robinson sang sarcastically, ‘British Police are the best in the world’…

    To be honest, I am still angry, not just about this death but the whole treatment by the cops, media and the state towards the protesters. Kettling people and listening to people scream, ‘Let us out’, really unnerved and overwhelmed me as it was full of desperation and fear. It was fucking horrible and scary!

    And it further highlights how the state think it is hunky dory to treat people in an inhuman and oppressive way

    • RickB Says:

      I’m not surprised at how it was, I would feel the same, I think kettling is designed in part to scare people, both at the march and to deter people at home from going on further marches. Surely it’s anathema to free protest in a free society, it needs to be challenged again as the ruling that let it slide was pretty dreadful and I don’t think the govt. would pull it off again after this.

    • Jay Vos Says:

      But hasn’t the damage already been done. I mean
      the media (the Suns, the Daily Mails, the pro-establishment papers) have been complicit (if that’s the word) in promoting the lies and police PR
      and with that, will their readers be convinced
      otherwise, now that the truth is coming out?
      That’s what frustrated me also about
      what happened after the De Menezes
      investigations. It’s like retracting or correcting
      a story by placing it in the back pages of a

      • RickB Says:

        Well yes, a quick lie holds place in the media and retractions are never as visible. And the media seem happy to work with the cops rather than be sceptical and do some journalism. But, corporations own them, and they will have fingers in financial pies, lots of institutions with a vested interests.

  3. ralfast Says:

    The Nanny State sees no evil and hears no evil when it does evil. How fucking convenient!

    • RickB Says:

      I wouldn’t say nanny (which is usually referred to when the Tories want to attack welfare, oddly by people who usually had nannies!?!?!) so much as the establishment and it’s growing security state apparatus. And it has grown so much under New Labour, we are screwed, whatever the tories say now, when in govt. it’ll be the same story.

      • ralfast Says:

        I refer to the “kinder, gentler society” talk Blair/Gordon NuLabour types wrap around their initiatives. Every time I see them on Beep World they remind me of nanny McPhee making the children swallow tar to make them all feel better.

  4. harpymarx Says:

    The other shocker (I really shouldn’t be surprised tho’) was the comment from the Police Fed Chair….

    “Sometimes it isn’t clear, as a police officer, who is a protester and who is not.”

    So if Ian Tomlinson was a demonstrator he woulda been fair game…

    But I can just see the resolution of this investigation where the IPCC conclude that it was work of a couple of bad apples in the police force. And chuck them out with their pension. And everyone can sleep safely at night. No analysis of the ideology of the police as agents of the state. I mean, McPherson report was ignored, and as Duncan Campbell rightly says in his piece in the Guardian the cops learned nowt over Jean Charles de Menezes.

    There should be two inquiries, one that looks at criminal responsibility and one that has a wide ranging and more general examination of the ideology of the cops, the so-called ‘canteen culture’ etc. They reflect the oppression in this society.

    And just finally (apols for going on) this isn’t, as we know, the first time the cops have killed a person (deaths in custody, Harry Stanley, Clinton McCurbin….and so on..the list is endless) and they indulge in casual violence (a protester at a Poll Tax demo was having their head used as a football by the cops…. and this had been videoed by the media who didn’t televise this appalling brutal attack and it was the man’s lawyer who demanded the footage.

    Another protester at a Poll tax demo was walking away from the demo and a cop came running up to her and battered her around the head. Again, she was walking away from the demo! She was a professional musician. After that beating her profession was scuppered.

    So maybe the public will wake up and see the cops for how they. They protect and serve their own interests.

    • RickB Says:

      Oh yeah, I loved that and in lots of reporting there was that thing of as a bystander he was more legitimate than if he had been a protester, gee thanks media we know your position on civic engagement and democratic process then, stay home and shut up!

      Well it would be good to finally have an examination of who the police are, because any uniformed force that is given state sanction always attract a disproportionate number of right wing people and authoritarians. Of course the establishment like having them as a tool of state violence so there will be great reluctance to face the culture that has grown and been built (and the problems of putting people as police into situations every day that test their perception of humanity, until many become callous and harshly judgemental). Even in that Guardian piece he was reluctant to say some cops were thugs who routinely misuse the power they have sought. TV has a lot to answer for too, all the cops shows (with a tiny few rare exceptions, ie. The Wire) give us simplistic crap, easy drama/melodrama and avoid the culture of policing or the ideological reasons for social problems. But then as you said, the media do not expose police crime as they should, they after all have relationships with the police in order to write stories.
      One thing that strikes me is just look at a cop now, they look paramilitary, as if we are under occupation.

  5. KP Nuts Says:

    I saw the Vice Chairman of the Police Federation on TV today and he spoke like a politician who had been caught out, he was evasive to the point of denying what we had all seen. Ealier I saw John Gaunt, from the Sun, who made an untrue statement. He said the woman who had been hit was at the anti capitalist march no she was there to protest at the death of Ian Tomlinson.

    • RickB Says:

      The Police Federation and a Sun pundit, you have my sympathies. I understand advocacy but when the evidence is so clear it’s sheer lack of wit to maintain this line of denial. As the pictures from Abu Ghraib show even with evidence some will defend any action out of tribal loyalty to their brutalist fetishes.

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