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It was only a short sentence, at sea amongst much officious and self-righteous government boilerplate that they abhor torture, blah blah blah, but all those words are easy, all those words are lies. Falling effortlessly from the mouths of people working for the government that tortures. Because all of that cannot be true when this is claimed-

UK authorities deny collusion but say interrogating suspects in foreign prisons yields valuable intelligence.

The cognitive dissonance is striking, how do journalists write this with a straight face, the lie is there to be seen by any intelligent person, they say this-

“The UK’s position on torture is clear. We abhor torture. We don’t participate, solicit, encourage or condone it. We unreservedly condemn extraordinary rendition for torture,” [the FCO] said a statement.


UK authorities deny collusion but say interrogating suspects in foreign prisons yields valuable intelligence.

Yep read it again, unpack it, this is what it means-

The only reason to incarcerate prisoners abroad is so people can be tortured outside of UK jurisdiction. It creates plausible deniability and that anything done to them was the work of foreign intelligence services, not ours.

Torture does not produce good information or ‘intelligence’, what it is for is to terrorise people and produce ‘intelligence’ that fits a pre-existing policy agenda.

When you use torture it indicates you are seeking false information, creating through the use of torture justifications for war and repression. That it continues is a warning that the lies that facilitated the invasion of Iraq will continue to be produced to enable more war crimes.

In admitting its use of torture the government admits it is participating in the terrorising of people, both the immediate victim and the wider population at large. This was the same rationale for people being publicly hanged, drawn and quartered, it is to terrorise one’s opponents and entrench state power with the most terrible acts humans can do to each other.

Our government just admitted it (again) and it was reported by the BBC and…nothing, nothing happened. It was just a short sentence, contradicted by the official spokespeople. But we use torture.

The FCO are subtly, in barely noticed documents, admitting it, as Craig Murray found (mark your calendars for April 28th, success! He is giving evidence in the commons). Yet the media bother to feed us spokespeople giving out pointless, clearly false statements to soothe our national ego. Which the BBC helps with, check the news sniffer revision of this story, it began as-

UK torture collusion ‘widespread’

Until it became the rather less alarming-

Police probe torture allegations

Yes, now you see, what possible small amount of probably mistaken naughtiness is being properly investigate by the boys in blue and all is well with Albion! Evil is confronted and surely will be found to be non existent or if there is even the smallest amount shall be punished…and let’s face it, it’s probably the fault of foreigners, swarthy ones at that. As if our fine spooks would ever be so depraved, that’s what other people do, not good old us. We even have TV shows called Spooks to make it all exciting and help recruitment to this fine profession. God Bless the Queen! Cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George!’ Put on your Union Jack underwear and feel the tingle of our blessed righteousness! New Labour doesn’t torture! Her Majesty’s Government doesn’t torture! Great Britain doesn’t torture!

…We just make sure people are tortured, watch it, suggest questions, lend them the odd pair of pliers when they are short, then happily use the ‘product’ gained from their screaming bloody ragged mouths to make out brave boys and girls feel good about killing more bloody foreigners in their own bloody countries. We’re protecting freedom!

Amen Ma’am! God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen. Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us. God save the Queen!

One of the key features of Fabricating Terrorism II, is the case of Farid Hilali. The case demonstrates that the UK security/intelligence officials were complicit in the rendition and  torture of individuals as early as two years prior to 9/11. This fact suggests that the unlawful activities of the UK authorities are systematic, rather than rare abuses.

Below there are 28 case studies mostly detailing the experiences of British citizens and British residents granted asylum which illustrate the manner in which they have passed through a subterranean system of kidnappings, ghosted to ‘black sites’, suffering abuse and torture.

-Fabricating Terrorism II – British Complicity in Renditions and Torture (PDF) from

We don’t have the excuse Bush made us do it anymore, just as Obama no longer has that excuse. The cancer has metastasised, torture is unbound and the State never can resist the taste of absolute power. And that is what torture is, absolute control of a human being and the fear of it becomes a tool for absolute control of a population.

It was only a short sentence and no one really batted an eyelid when the BBC conveyed the government’s use of torture.

While Los spoke, the terrible Spectre fell shuddring before him
Watching his time with glowing eyes to leap upon his prey
Los opend the Furnaces in fear. the Spectre saw to Babel & Shinar
Across all Europe & Asia. he saw the tortures of the Victims.
He saw now from the ou[t]side what he before saw & felt from within
He saw that Los was the sole, uncontrolld Lord of the Furnaces
Groaning he kneeld before Los’s iron-shod feet on London Stone,
Hungring & thirsting for Los’s life yet pretending obedience.
While Los pursud his speech in threatnings loud & fierce.

-William Blake, JERUSALEM: The Emanation of The Giant Albion

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