Friday! Leftfield- Original

And in a dangerous precedent, a request, but it still has to pass the smell test and Leftfield most certainly do. So for Wonder Woman, Leftfield! (Featuring Toni Halliday from Curve doing that singing stuff in this electro chilled Friday Choooon!)

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I Had To Laugh

In this exciting Terminatory piece about the Empire researching …well terminators, there is this bit-

Autonomous armed robotic systems probably will be operating by 2020, according to John Pike, an expert on defense and intelligence matters and the director of the security Web site in Washington.

This prospect alarms experts, who fear that machines will be unable to distinguish between legitimate targets and civilians in a war zone.

Because now no civilians are deliberately and/or accidentally killed by human troops programmed to kill. Naïve, ridiculous, propagandised -and progandising-childish idiots. Our militaries kill innocent civilians, we are terrorists, we commit war crimes. And then we celebrate it.

With flags.


Poe Lease Tate

So I’m torn, do I become citizen informer or go professional? See as an informer the Government will pay to train me and then undoubtedly through security force expense/informer accounts bung me on a freelance basis to stitch up enemies of the state. So that’s more an extra income plus the warm glow of knowing you have put swarthy types and pinkos in jail (imagine criticising our Holy Soldiers of Democracy, for example?) or had them deported to be tortured. That’ll stop ’em using charity as an evil scheme to stop our allies’ enemies being exterminated. Or go the whole hog and join the professionals, lots more opportunities now bugging lawyers and their clients is no longer a hidden scam but officially approved by law. Also you can pretty well much be guaranteed if you off some dissident scum they will hold a ‘secret inquest‘ exempt from transparency that can determine the evil troublemaker tripped on a paving stone and died accidentally, Result! One can only hope they retry Jean Charles deMenezes’ corpse under the new inquest law and find him guilty of stealing police force bullets.

So full or part time totalitarianism? Decisions decisions, such agony, thankfully they’ll be far less choosing in the future, just which super bank corporation you are indebted to for life.


Left I On The News has made me aware that Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), the US media watch group has a blog, so hurray, blogroll ahoy! It may not shock you that they regularly find the corporate media to be biased towards US imperialism and the rich and to be racist, sexist and homophobic. But apparently millions of people still aren’t up to speed on that, so work still to be done.

Palestine: to exist is to resist- The Article That Was Censored

Via Pulse.  An article- Palestine: to exist is to resist in Therapy Today, the monthly journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) was about the psychological trauma inflicted on Palestinians, with emphasis on children.

Pulse goes on- Under pressure from supporters of the Zionist state of Israel the editor, Sarah Browne pulled the article from their web page yesterday. Seemingly this pressure was a phone call telling them “that they’d find out they’d been very unwise to publish such a one-sided piece etc” and a couple of emails.

It might be worth email her saying that caving in to such pressure and withdrawing such an accurate piece does not serve the best interests of BACP members.  (Thanks to Ian for this).

Her email address is: sarah.browne at

To me this is pure thuggism and censorship, a nation causes this suffering then bullies anyone who talks about it in an attempt to silence them, supposing if their victim’s death and/or suffering goes unacknowledged it does not exist and they can continue doing it. It is curious how people who think of themselves as liberal support Israel, censorship is a liberal thing now? This at the same time Haaretz is publishing stories detailing the racial extermination culture of the IDF.

Below the fold is the article retrieved from google cache.

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Anglo-Saxon Modern

Darius Rejali is a professor of political science and the author of Torture and Democracy-

In the 20th century, there were two main traditions of clean torture — the kind that doesn’t leave marks, as modern torturers prefer. The first is French modern, a combination of water- and electro-torture. The second is Anglo-Saxon modern, a classic list of sleep deprivation, positional and restraint tortures, extremes of temperature, noise, and beatings. All the techniques in the accounts of torture by the International Committee of the Red Cross, as reported Monday, collected from 14 detainees held in CIA custody, fit a long historical pattern of Anglo-Saxon modern. The ICRC report apparently includes details of CIA practices unknown until now, details that point to practices with names, histories, and political influences. In torture, hell is always in the details.

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Fair Enough

(Reuters) – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday U.S. President Barack Obama’s offer of better ties was just a “slogan,” but pledged Tehran would respond to any real policy shift by Washington. Speaking a day after Obama’s videotaped overture, Iran’s most powerful figure criticized U.S. actions toward Iran since its 1979 Islamic revolution and said he did not see any change in practice from the new U.S. administration so far.

But Khamenei, who has final say on all matters of state, added: “You change, our behavior will change.”

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