This Camera Kills Fascists

If you are going to any G20 demo please make sure you have a camera + good batteries and spares (also spare tape, memory cards whatever). Stills are better than nothing, video with sound is best. Get a good mix of close ups of action and longer shots to show the context, both are essential. When it’s the fuzz’s word against yours they will always get away with it unless there is documentary evidence plus it will make it untenable for corporate media to whitewash police violence if it is all over the web. By most signs the fuzz plan on using a great deal of violence to protect the ruling classes pursuit of Shock Doctrine ‘reforms’. Good luck, take care!


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  1. libhomo Says:

    The fact that your posting is reasonable and necessary is a sad commentry on the decay of Western democracies.

  2. RickB Says:

    I was focussed on the trees, didn’t see that forest you have just pointed out. Good point, the big picture is indicative of civil society deteriorating into authoritarian realms. And I also realised there are cameras there, but state and police and corporate ones, which we do not have access to. So evidence is controlled by parties who may be guilty.

  3. landsker Says:

    Funny isn`t it, that the strongest opposition to the anglo-american policies of “finance” is coming from the Chinese, Germans and Russians.
    Who`d a thunk…the Germans speaking up against the brits and short planks.
    What next? Marxism and existentialism being taght in british schools.

  4. RickB Says:

    I’m tempted to see it as extreme right wing neoliberals (US. UK the ‘anglosaxon’ mob/anglospshere) versus moderate neolibs who are willing to make alliances to resist the Empire and its lackey. Neither though are taking the people’s side against financiers and corporations though, we are a herd to be harvested for our ability to sustain debt to bailout the global power centres. 21st century, say hello to debt peonage!
    Still some way for those Marxist GCSE’s I reckon!

  5. Video & Eye Witnesses Actually Deemed Enough Evidence To Prosecute A G20 Cop « Ten Percent Says:

    […] 2009 — RickB I guarantee you if there was no video this would not even be happening, This Camera Kills Fascists. If you go on a demo, go with camera, make sure it’s charged and plenty of memory space to […]

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