UK Admits To Using ‘Intelligence’ From Torture

Via D-Notice, Craig Murray has found the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) buried under much Orwellian civil servantese, have admitted to it-

Tucked away at Page 15 of its annual Human Rights report, the FCO has finally made a public admission of its use of intelligence from torture.

FCO say-

“The use of intelligence possibly derived through torture
presents a very real dilemma, given our unreserved
condemnation of torture and our efforts to eradicate it.
Where there is intelligence that bears on threats to life, we
cannot reject it out of hand.”


It is a piece of mind-blowing hypocrisy. You cannot, in the same paragraph, argue our unreserved condemnation of torture, and that it save lives so we use intelligence from it. I would add that it is also an outright lie. Not a single one of the many pieces of torture intelligence I saw in Uzbekistan had the slightest bearing on saving lives in the UK. In fact the “intelligence” was, on the whole and in detail, highly misleading. Yet the FCO made a very definite policy decision to continue to receive it- because it came from the CIA.

The FCO has in fact under New Labour never rejected any intelligence on the grounds that it came from torture.

The whole post is absolutely essential reading particularly at a time when the govt. is launching a face saving ‘investigation’ which could be cleared up a lot sooner if they just admitted their guilt. It’s like Jack the Ripper asking the Met to look into all these mysterious murders of women…if Jack the Ripper ran the country.

2 Responses to “UK Admits To Using ‘Intelligence’ From Torture”

  1. otto Says:

    Shome mishtake shurely ossifer!! Britain ABHORS torture and would never do such a thing! We know this because Mister Gordon Brown said so. He wouldn’t be lying to us, would he?

    Check out Lillie’s blog for the skinny

    Here’s the quote

    “President Bachelet was very courageous and brave,” he (Borwn) said of the experience of the president whose father and boyfriend were tortured to death. “I will be telling her […] that Britain abhors torture.”

  2. RickB Says:

    Otto, Her Majesty’s Government would never lie, the very idea!!!!
    Funny that our media are concentrating more on Bachelet’s remark about saving in the good times to spend in the bad. Which of course is essential diversionary gossip for (tory) hacks ‘cos of Maggie/UK’s and Augusto’s love in. And now Gordon praises one survivor while covering up creating more (and by some rumours not all survived). Words are cheap is what he proves, principles however remain beyond reach.

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