Poe Lease Tate

So I’m torn, do I become citizen informer or go professional? See as an informer the Government will pay to train me and then undoubtedly through security force expense/informer accounts bung me on a freelance basis to stitch up enemies of the state. So that’s more an extra income plus the warm glow of knowing you have put swarthy types and pinkos in jail (imagine criticising our Holy Soldiers of Democracy, for example?) or had them deported to be tortured. That’ll stop ’em using charity as an evil scheme to stop our allies’ enemies being exterminated. Or go the whole hog and join the professionals, lots more opportunities now bugging lawyers and their clients is no longer a hidden scam but officially approved by law. Also you can pretty well much be guaranteed if you off some dissident scum they will hold a ‘secret inquest‘ exempt from transparency that can determine the evil troublemaker tripped on a paving stone and died accidentally, Result! One can only hope they retry Jean Charles deMenezes’ corpse under the new inquest law and find him guilty of stealing police force bullets.

So full or part time totalitarianism? Decisions decisions, such agony, thankfully they’ll be far less choosing in the future, just which super bank corporation you are indebted to for life.


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  1. libhomo Says:

    I think Blackwater pays better.

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