If Afghanistan is Vietnam

Is Pakistan going to be Cambodia? Actually those sort of comparisons aren’t really useful or apposite, other than to point out the Empire just never stops bombing shit… ever.

Most American taxpayer money is actually spent on the troops, not, of course, on poor Afghans. In fact, with Pentagon expenditures in Afghanistan running at about $36 billion a year, the annual aid allocation for the 387,000 people who live in Bamiyan Province is outstripped every single hour by the money spent on 30,000-plus American troops and their weaponry.

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  1. E A Says:

    The 2009 ‘salaries, benefits and other undisclosed national security purposes’ bite for active duty US troops is $118B. Less than 1/10th of those $B’s goes to salaries, benefits and combat pay, you can do the math. Put another way, the ratio of the budget Pentagon disappears into wikkan pentangles as compared to soldier pay stubs, is the same ratio as the soldier’s pay stubs are to Afghanistan reconstruction. It’s the ultimate pyramid scam, $1 TRILLION dollars every year. Poof!
    Most American taxpayer money is NOT spent on the troops! Donald Rumsfeld himself announced in 2001, $2.3T gone MIA.

  2. RickB Says:

    There’s no doubt it is a gravy train, also the CIA has a huge unaccountable military arm beyond oversight so a lot goes to them by various odd accountings and the industry never loses out however bad it rips off the govt, it uses public money to lobby to keep contracts!

  3. opit Says:

    So what’s the problem in Afghanistan, then? After all, Karzai and his boys are as corrupt as they come.

  4. opit Says:

    I was exercising a bit of satire and trust you were too. More realistically, destroying another nation’s cash crop sounds like a certain way to destroy its economy – and government. The ‘morality’ of flogging cultural differences towards women and the misnamed war on drugs as selling points to the uninformed recaps Orwell still.
    The UN said 30% of Afghans were at imminent risk of death from starvation. U.S. ‘aid’ organizations are in clusters of news reports as worse than useless : but that’s hardly a blip on the radar.

    • RickB Says:

      Indeed I was. Depending on who you want to believe there is either a glut of opium or a shortage in medical opium derived drugs, ie Afghan crops could help with medical pain relief but smugglers, dealers, enforcement and drug corporations don’t want that. Like the Afghans groups said, send us 30,000 engineers, teachers etc. Armies are a hammer and every problem a nail. I don’t know what the real objective is but ‘nation building’ or wahtever is a pretty thin cover story at this point.

  5. opit Says:

    “Don’t know what real objective is”.
    Multitasking is usual for any operation this extensive. The question is whether or not you consider the whole thing war profiteering, regime overthrow stimulated by attacks on US currency as international reserve, or depriving countries of the fuel necessary to field modern armament against incursion.
    PNAC was blunt, after all. ‘Decapitate governments in oil bearing arc’ is a way to get control of resources unopposed.

    • RickB Says:

      I think it will be one of those quagmires that by the end of it no one will know what the hell anything happened for, except imperialism will have been served and the arms sector and its political servants will have profited. It’s just a grinding machine that wears many faces of justification but it’s always the same.

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