2 Million

and rising, and New Labour are acting like Tories attacking welfare (rather than make tax avoiding corporations pay up even as they bail them out). The 80’s again already? Except this bust is way more than that decade’s and we’ve run out of planet. I know of a second home that just went for half a million, the new owners turned up in their Porsche and Minis, capital’s going one way and suffering’s coming the other.

Anger is an energy.

If Afghanistan is Vietnam

Is Pakistan going to be Cambodia? Actually those sort of comparisons aren’t really useful or apposite, other than to point out the Empire just never stops bombing shit… ever.

Most American taxpayer money is actually spent on the troops, not, of course, on poor Afghans. In fact, with Pentagon expenditures in Afghanistan running at about $36 billion a year, the annual aid allocation for the 387,000 people who live in Bamiyan Province is outstripped every single hour by the money spent on 30,000-plus American troops and their weaponry.

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St. Neoliberal’s

Hundreds of patients suffered and died unnecessarily as a result of appalling emergency care at a flagship foundation trust, the government’s health watchdog said today in the most damning report ever on an NHS hospital in England.

• Patients arriving in A&E were assessed by unqualified receptionists to determine whether they needed urgent attention. One patient with an open fracture of the elbow had to wait for more than four hours, covered in blood and with no pain relief, because the receptionist failed to give the case priority

• There were too few consultants in A&E to provide on-call cover all day, every day and junior doctors were not adequately supervised

• There were not enough nurses to care for emergency patients. A review of staffing levels in 2007/08 found the trust was short 120 nurses, of which 17 were needed in A&E, 30 in the surgical division, and 77 on the medical wards

• Nurses in the emergency assessment unit were not trained to read cardiac monitors and sometimes turned them off. Patients did not always get the correct medication. Nurses on the wards were not always able to identify when patients were deteriorating after an operation, for example, by monitoring vital signs

• Call buttons were not always answered when patients were in pain or needed the toilet. Relatives claimed patients were left, sometimes for hours, in wet or soiled sheets, putting them at increased risk of infection. Patients at risk of developing pressure sores did not get appropriate care. In one ward, 55% of patients were found to have pressure sores when only 10% had sores on arrival

• Delays in operations were commonplace, especially for trauma patients at weekends. Sometimes a patient’s operation might be cancelled four days in a row, and they would receive “nil by mouth” for most of the day, four days running

The commission analysed the trust’s board meetings from April 2005 to 2008. It found discussions were “dominated by finance, targets and achieving foundation trust status”. When the infection rate of Clostridium difficile doubled in the early months of 2006, the information was not released to the board or the public.

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Write to Hicham Yezza

On Friday 6 March, Hicham was sentenced to a nine-month custodial sentence after being convicted of ‘securing avoidance of enforcement action via deceptive means’. He is currently being held at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

Letters been keeping Hicham’s spirits high. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your letter so that Hich can reply. Try and write more than once if you can. Even if you don’t know Hich, a few words in a letter can make a big difference.

Write to: Hicham Yezza, XP9266, HMP Woodhill, Tattenhoe Street, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, MK4 4DA.

If you can’t post a letter, you can write to Hicham via: http://www.emailaprisoner.com/, which costs 25p per message. Bear in mind that this method is less reliable than post and messages can take longer to reach Hicham.

Details of legal fund here.

Barclays Tax Scam

Barclays Bank gags Guardian over leaked memos detailing offshore tax scam

*cough* Wikileaks.

‘In a financial market devastated by the credit crunch, the SCM (Structured Capital Markets) team is one of the only teams still aggressively hiring to increase further its reach and ability to structure more trades. Where the world sees turmoil and destruction, the leaders of SCM see opportunities arising from tax loss exploitation and corporate restructurings throwing up all sorts of new and juicy areas of the tax code which can be profitably exploited.’

‘Even John Varley (Barclays chief executive) now attends meetings in Jenkins’ (chief executive of SCM) office, walking across to the offices at the other end of Canary Wharf, a sign of the shifting of power within the bank.’

‘Normally a man who has made the study of the taxes act and the accounting legislation a priority above all other things in life would be looked upon with some surprise. But within SCM these men are Masters of the Universe, commanding multimillion pound bonuses and publicly humiliating those of lesser knowledge.’

‘With a new administration burdened with two wars, economic meltdown and the choice of new drapes for the White House, SCM management is banking on the administration taking their eye off the ball.’

‘It is a commonly held view that no agency in the US or the UK (and least of all the European agencies) has the resources or the commitment to challenge SCM. SCM has huge amounts of resources, the best minds rewarded with millions of pounds. HMRC recently advertised for a tax and accounting expert with the pay at £45,000.’

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