Friday! Chris Morris, Jam- Doctor/Lob Rate

My lob rate should return to normal soon, so blogging should resume in a bit (if there’s any evil left in the world, I’m sure it could all be sorted out by then, good faith abounds).

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  1. ralfast Says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting better. Fighting off the last (hopefully) remnants of a nasty head cold and trying to get as much writing done as possible.

  2. ralfast Says:

    BTW, I just found this great webcomic:

    And I thought I was neurotic. Enjoy!

  3. HFA Says:

    hey silent collaborator! very happy to hear that u’ve conquered the viruses :-)) Kill the bastards, kill them now!!! :-).

    We’re entering the last stage of the website, so whenever u’re back in shape to quickly overview with us the most urgent (short) texts, we’ll be most grateful. :-)) xxx

    talk soon & may the force be with ya!

  4. RickB Says:

    Rafael- You have my sympathy on the cold, thanks for the link have read a fair bit.

    HFA- So back just in time!

  5. ralfast Says:

    BTW, the HFA site looks intriguing….I’ll keep checking back until you guys are up.

  6. HFA Says:

    RICK: yr timing is awesome, just like yr texts :-))))
    RALFAST: u bet :-)! online end of month, with rick’s evil texts, han’s ( heavenly animations & our ‘beyond good & evil’ artworks. deadly combo 😛

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