Evil Empire

So opening the (already open) stable door after the horse has bolted while presenting a media friendly -Stable door closing –charade. Or in other words-

CIA Director Leon Panetta says agency employees who took part in harsh interrogations of terrorism suspects are not in danger of being punished.

Panetta delivered that message to CIA employees in an e-mail Thursday, reiterating what he told Congress last month. He said then that he would oppose prosecutions of any CIA employee who adhered to their legal guidance on interrogations.

He sent the message after the Senate Intelligence Committee announced its review of the CIA’s interrogation and detention program under President George W. Bush.

The committee will look at how the CIA decided whom to interrogate, whether it told Congress the truth about the program and whether it was legal. It will also try to determine whether the harsher methods the CIA used elicited valuable intelligence. (ht2 Chris Floyd)

And what goes with state torture and unaccountable and uncontrollable forces? Disappearances!

“We can make a person disappear,” a high-level ICE official told the audience at the 2008 Police Foundation conference. Jaws dropped. ICE is the Homeland Security agency in charge of deporting immigrants from the nation’s interior. The spokesman was alluding to ICE’s extraordinary powers under civil immigration law. Although “civil” sounds less serious than “criminal,” civil immigration law has fewer constitutional protections than criminal law. Civil immigtion arrests can happen without probable cause of a crime; the arrestee facraes trial without a public defender; and there’s no statute of limitations. (ht2 Otto)

But the empire is large and has client states, states where black lists of left wing activists are traded in order to victimise them-

‘Do not touch’ – the covert database that kept union activists out of work
• Ian Kerr built blacklist from Droitwich base
• Business ordered to close after files seized in raid

It appears that Kerr has spent many years compiling databases on workers. He did not wish to comment on a report in the Guardian 15 years ago which said he had been working for the Economic League, a controversial vetting agency which accumulated files on thousands of people it considered subversive between 1919 and 1993.

Will the numerous companies listed (see below) who used his expensive blacklist services be prosecuted?

Amec Building Ltd

Amec Construction Ltd

Amec Facilities Ltd

Amec Industrial Division

Amec Process & Energy Ltd

Amey Construction Ex-member

B Sunley & Sons Ex-member

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Kilpatrick

Ballast (Wiltshire) plc Ex-member

Bam Construction (HBC Construction)

Bam Nuttall (Edmund Nuttall Ltd)

C B & I

Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd

Costain UK Ltd

Crown House Technologies

(Carillion/Tarmac Construction)

Diamond (M & E) Services

Dudley Bower & Co Ltd Ex-member

Emcor (Drake & Scull) Ex ref

Emcor Rail

G Wimpey Ltd Ex-member

Haden Young

Kier Ltd

John Mowlem Ltd Ex-member

Laing O’Rourke (Laing Ltd)

Lovell Construction (UK) Ltd Ex-member

Miller Construction Ltd Ex-member

Morgan Ashurst

Morgan Est

Morrison Construction Group Ex-member

NG Bailey

Shepherd Engineering Services Ltd

Sias Building Services

Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

Skanska (Kvaerner/Trafalgar

House plc)

SPIE (Matthew Hall) Ex-member

Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd Ex-member

Turriff Construction Ltd Ex-member

Tysons Contractors Ex-member

Walter Llewellyn & Sons Ltd Ex-member

Whessoe Oil & Gas Ltd

Willmott Dixon Ex-member

Vinci plc (Norwest Holst Group)

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  1. libhomo Says:

    This is really disturbing. It’s bad enough that search engines are functioning as means of social control.

  2. RickB Says:

    Oddly all the companies claim innocence (their lawyers told them to say so!), so why did they pay the guy???

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    […] McCarthy Gets Off With Small Fine 16 July, 2009 — RickB Remember this- black lists of left wing activists are traded in order to victimise them- well… Some of Britain’s leading construction firms subscribed to a secret blacklist of […]

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