A Good Question

James @ Mahatma X Files pondered-

Will there be a blogswarm to mark the 6th anniversary of the current phase of the US war against and occupation of Iraq – much like last year’s? Or did the election of the Pope of Hope usher in a new era of complacency? I wonder.

The 5th Anniversary Blogswarm grew from the idea of Godless Liberal Homo (and I helped) who is no slouch when calling the current situation-

Barack Obama has broken his most important campaign promise. He has pushed an even smaller withdrawal out to 20 months, instead of the larger withdrawal promised in 16. Given our economic crises, we need to get all of our troops out of the war on Iraq ASAP. We cannot afford to divert hundreds of billions of dollars to destroying another company’s economy and slaughtering its people.

The blogswarm was very successful although it became a lot more work than we had anticipated. My thoughts are, yes it should happen again, but more people administering it and it needs to also involve Afghanistan in some way perhaps. It’s very dangerous in a recession/depression to let governments get away with using wars to distract and to ‘regenerate’ the economy because by definition it means other people are gonna die and schools, hospitals, infrastructure, welfare all are further weakened in order to wage state terror on others. It is also notable that the longer Iraq remains occupied the greater the cost so that sooner or later the idea of needing to be repaid for that ‘largesse’ gains greater credence, throw in the crisis of capitalism and it will be very easy to get a majority of people to support Iraq’s resources being exploited more to repay the invader’s costs rather than paying reparations. Simultaneously further entrenching hydrocarbons at a time we should be reducing their use. The subtler point of Jame’s question remains to be answered, have people either through blind faith/hope abandoned their critical distance from government and/or are some now locked into the two party puppet show that they take it as a zero sum game and any criticism of ‘their team’ is helping the enemy so they remain quiet even as that becomes de facto support for actions identical to those they attacked the other side for. And bottom line, leaving up to 50,000 troops in a country does not sound all that withdrawal-y to me.

PS. I saw a BBC report on this and while it noted disputed casualty figures the journo only presented IBC’s under 100,000 figure. Is that what Obama means, because he’s likable we will not mind being bullshitted so much?

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6 Responses to “A Good Question”

  1. libhomo Says:

    Personally, I would think that involving Afghanistan would be a mistake, given my reading of US politics.

    Thanks for the link love. Your post almost sounds like a call for volunteers.

  2. James Says:

    Glad to see this picked up. I wouldn’t mind helping out a bit if such a blogswarm were to come to pass – with the caveat that the next few weeks are going to be ridiculously busy. At bare minimum I was already planning out whatever essays I want to contribute to that day.

  3. RickB Says:

    Gonna have to think about this, certainly the date will be marked and maybe somewhere where anyone writing about it can link to as a central guide. I guess one underlying thing is to show antiwar movement is not placated by clever appropriation by political parties.

  4. ralfast Says:

    The podcast I made for it last year turned out to be very popular. I think that Obama’s announcement sort of took out the wind of the sails of this issue, although I am not happy about the so called “residual force”. Empire by any other name….

    And my mike is busted so, I don’t know if I could so another podcast this year….bummer! Add the writing projects an juggling and well…lets see what I can come up with.

  5. libhomo Says:

    I wonder if it really has to be on the anniversary.

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