BBC Trust Supports DEC Gaza Appeal Ban

Unsurprisingly? Anyway something very sinister seemed to leap at me from this quote:-

Mr Lyons said: “The director general argued that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deeply divisive and that the suffering of civilians plays a central part in the political case each side makes in the ‘court of world opinion’.”

Mr Thompson had consequently thought it “impossible in this case to separate the political causes from the humanitarian consequences”, Mr Lyons added. “In the director general’s view, the appeal would, by its very nature, have shown only one aspect of the conflict and broadcasting it, he argues would have implied a significant level of the endorsement by the BBC of the appeal itself – thereby putting BBC impartiality at risk.”

Mr Lyons said the Trust had found this to be “a reasonable argument” and that the decision taken was “within the parameters of reasonable decisions open to him”.

No, it is not impossible, it is only impossible if like the BBC you have sought a rapprochement with Israel since 2003 and are now impartially close to it. Also this means the only main UK broadcasters to help the Israeli war effort are Murdoch’s Sky and the BBC. Must make the Beeb proud- look at us, we’re as good as Fox News!!!!!

So if you are sufficiently chums with the UK, US and the Beeb elite you can murder at will and your victims are unworthy of help, that’s what “impossible in this case to separate the political causes from the humanitarian consequences” amounts to, total cowardice, utter partiality. The more the killers have explained their position to us, the more we have elected to listen to them, the less able we are to see clear past that. Mark Thompson, go fuck yourself and take the BBC quisling Trust with you. No nation should get special treatment off the BBC, no casualty of violence should be ignored because the attacker is so awfully good at making their case. Now tell me is there any sign the BBC is now trying to build bridges with those who this decision has appalled? Or are they sat smugly with a shit eating grin the warm glow of victory obscuring the millions now even less accepting of the BBC as a useful source of information. Are they ok with powerful murderous friends and a lowered professional reputation? Silly question, corporate media always are, after all they don’t hang out with us, they hang out with them. Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, they’ll always be a good reason echoed through the media for killing people. Don’t rock the boat, especially when you’re in it and the BBC really are now in it.


6 Responses to “BBC Trust Supports DEC Gaza Appeal Ban”

  1. Denzil Says:

    After the Iraq war, I was so incensed at the BBC’s biase, that I gave my t.v. away and stopped paying the licence fee. That was over 5 years ago and I haven’t looked back. The BBC have lost £700 from me and I’m not the only one. I also stopped buying the Guardian after being a reader for 25 years. I get all my news from Bloggs and left-wing websites now.

  2. ralfast Says:

    Ah the good all BBC, front line fighters against the evil ethereal forces of Xenu and their dark Nazi shadows. I mean this is part of the spiritual battle between scummy A-Rabs and the peace loving Xionist, right?

  3. Jay Vos Says:

    I don’t really know what that BBC Trust does, but as you wrote at the start….”Unsurprisingly….”. Now what? Have there been any more sit-ins, demo’s at Bush House?

  4. libhomo Says:

    It’s weird that they based their argument on “impartiality” when no such thing exists in the real world.

  5. RickB Says:

    Denzil- I like the idea of ‘intellectual self defence’ Chomsky talked about, you can consume media but be aware of the context and process that produces corporate material.

    Rafael- Got it in one, weirdly at a time many are seeing the problems in Israel the BBC jumps the other way!

    Jay- Well in their own words-
    and wiki
    I really fail to see how they took 40,000 complaints and found nothing troubling with Thompson’s decision, unless I allow my cynicism to inform my worldview and then…well- unsurprising.
    Sit ins are over, clearly slick lobbying has more effect on the corporatists now in control post Hutton. Maybe butter them up like the Israel lobby has and we’d get some reflection. Still Thompson will make speeches/Edinburgh festival stuff, I do hope wherever he goes protest occurs, (is it just me or does he strike you as not the brightest of the bunch?).

    GLH- That’s what really is disturbing, they have declared that where people are killed by Israel it is in a special category and aid is a political issue that is biased towards anyone Israel declares its enemy. That is an alarming level of dehumanising victims of war. Total war as applied to media appeals.

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