We Told Them So

A policy governing the interrogation of terrorism suspects in Pakistan that led to British citizens and residents being tortured was devised by MI5 lawyers and figures in government, according to evidence heard in court.

And Dear Readers the coward of the week- MI5 officer ‘Witness B’, and coward’s the real polite term for this Piece of Shit*-

Witness B, admitted that although Mohamed had been in Pakistani custody for five weeks, and he knew the country to have a poor human rights record, he did not ask whether he had been tortured or mistreated, did not inquire why he had lost weight, and did not consider whether his detention without trial was illegal…The MI5 officer admitted telling him that “he would get more lenient treatment if he cooperated”, and said that he knew he was to be transferred to US custody….Witness B was asked by Dinah Rose QC, for Mohamed: “Was it your understanding that it was lawful for Mr Mohamed to be transferred to the US authorities in this way?” Witness B replied: “I consider that to be a matter for the security service top management and for government.”

*Official policy of this blog- any and all people who participate in or enable torture (enable includes not doing your utmost to stop it) are Pieces of Shit (PoS). How many ever see open trial will indicate our health as a society, guess what, I’m not expecting much of a prognosis, enjoy your 24 boxsets fuckos!


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