I’m Laughin’ Just To Keep From Cryin’

Hahahahahahaha Privatisation and reducing entitlement, hahahahahahaha one party-consensus-bipartisan- bullsheet baby! Hahahahahahahahah Neoliberalism rather than wither under the crisis it caused will cement its fundamentalism with further shocks. Hahahahahahaha and your choice is have it done by New Labour or the Tories. Hahahahaha, democracy! Hahahahahahahahaha y’know choice, as in do you want to get stabbed in the face or guts first. C’mon now tell me Nulabour shills how are you different from the Tories, apart from a few minor points here and there, like srsly dudes- I will implement these proposals with slightly less enthusiasm than the tories- does not actually constitute a fucking difference, just going further to betray your base is not something to get excited about, speaking of which, Trade Unions, take the fucking money and give it to actual, y’know, leftists! There are even a tiny few in Labour, give them the dosh instead of the conservatives that run the ‘party’.

And here’s the kicker, name three groups who caused the crisis- Politicians, economists, bankers.

Now guess who’s privatising welfare- Politicians, economists, bankers. Hahahahahahahaha! And even better, it’s the same guy in both parties!!!!! Suckers!


5 Responses to “I’m Laughin’ Just To Keep From Cryin’”

  1. Dave Dubya Says:

    How much further can civilisation advance? We’re right where they want us. Time to wheel the cripples into the coal mines for their shift! We see the final plan has been implemented. The globalisation of kleptocracy has arrived! The thieving bastards have no shame and will probably get away with it.

  2. RickB Says:

    Hey Dave, I fear that future is going to be quite probable, the redistribution of wealth upwards (and crucially beyond national borders and into tax exile) has continued and the ‘crisis’ will be used to make labour more ‘flexible’ and welfare almost non existent. The ideas of social democracies will not survive further neoliberal attack. Friedman’s laughing in his (very hot) grave.

  3. libhomo Says:

    The banksters in your country sound as bad as the ones here in the good old USA.

  4. harpymarx Says:

    Regarding the Welfare Reform Bill there is a lobby of Parliament on the 3rd March from 12:30-2:30, Committee Room 14. It is a joint venture by the TUC and PCS union, but other unions have become involved (Unison, GMB and Unite) along with organisations and disability rights activists/groups etc.

    Rick, if you want, I can send you the PDF advertising this event?

    We want as many people down to Parliament to show opposition to this vicious and draconian Bill… and we need to spread the word. So if anyone out in cyber world wants to voice their opposition then please please please feel free to descend on Parliament on the 3rd March….

    Ok, I know it is London-centric and apols for that but it will be around that time the Bill will have finished in the Committee stage and will probably be law by mid-late March. And that means Purnell will have done what the Tories failed to do….Workfare… and the politics of the workhouse start now! Along with abolishing Income Support, attacks on the disabled and lone parents, more conditionality/sanctions, privatisation and contracting out the Social Fund….

    Here endeth the plug …

    Oh, and there’s events being planned for Budget Day as well which I am involved in. More details very very soon!!

    Really sorry Rick, shameless plugging going on by me….

  5. RickB Says:

    No probs send away, this bill is being spirited through when it should be stopped in its tracks, if NL want to show some difference to tories this is it. And Purnell should fuck off to Cameron’s greasy embrace, he’d fit well in.

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