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Top one is new with correct-o font technology, the second is the old one with notquite-o font technology.

I don’t think you get to trade on ‘Change’ & ‘Hope’ while covering up torture and continuing with Bush policies.


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  1. libhomo Says:

    Obama seems determined to alienate and infuriate the people whose support he will need in 2012.

  2. RickB Says:

    Then they’ll just play the -GOP bogeymen card (and to be honest they are worse), but something more is needed than this back and forth between two corrupt parties. Which is why now is the time for pressure to work, in only a year they will be in campaign mode and many will not want to hold them up to scrutiny. Although if I had to bet, I would be sorry to say no prosecutions of anyone will occur, maybe the CIA scare the dems unlike Cheney who scared them.

  3. p0 Says:

    These posters are so sweet … and bitter in that they are the true show of a false “hope” and a same ol’, same ol’ “change”.

    My son went with me to vote and asked why I didnt vote for Obama ( I cast a semi-ludicrous vote for Cynthia … she is at least representing my “party” and a chunk of my concerns ) … hes 9 and I told him that Obama wasnt what even he thought he was. My friends are wiser and half lament the fact that they were taken in by his color and his tired message …. two points driven home by one man, race equality ( which I have always been for ) and this empty promise of a different view and path this country should take. He will, Im sure, alienate those who would see him as a fit pres in ’12 …. and hopefully so. We do need to start waking up sometime.

    Good job with this site … Ive just barely started to explore … spreading the word is a lonely business ;]

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