GBU-39 DIME in Gaza

“There will be small chest wounds, but then the lungs will be destroyed. Or minor abdominal entry wounds but then kidneys and liver destroyed.” I heard today that it seems that the dense metal shrapnel splinters into tiny particles upon entry to the body, which are then carried by the bloodstream, swiftly shredding everywhere they reach. So many patients appear to stabilise, and then die shortly afterwards. As if that wasn’t enough, Lebanon experience suggests that those who do survive experience quick onset of cancer. What kind of mind dreams this stuff up?

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  1. harpymarx Says:

    Bunker buster bombs like this one, GBU-39, cluster bombs, white phosphorus, depleted uranium….. Indeed what kind of mind thinks up this…how creative do you have to death creation?

    I used to work with an Iraqi woman who lived in Iraq during the Gulf War. Her family was bombed while she was out, she never found their bodies. She and other neighbours dug for days trying to find any trace of loved ones. She got out of Iraq eventually. She was diagnosed with cancer 10 years on and the specialist was flummoxed why a healthy woman had cancer (she didn’t have any of the obvious pointers).

    She mentioned depleted uranium to him and living in Iraq at the time of the Gulf War. He said there was a strong possibility linking depleted uranium to her cancer (from further research think it is more than a strong possibility!). She eventually recovered but the cancer she had was a very aggressive form.

  2. naj Says:

    Oh I see, that’s why Cheney’s promised recently again that a biological attack is imminent?!

  3. RickB Says:

    Harpy- Sadly there are thousands of clever engineers in universities high fiving each other thinking this shit up as the admin rakes in the military research cash. There is a real hole in geek culture in regards to ethical work and awareness of the arms industry in particularly in America.
    I am glad she recovered, that is a horrible story and I wish her better days, with any justice the profits made from that war would be given to her and others.

    Naj- Indeed his is one such mind who dreams these nightmares then strives to make them real. He really is an appalling human being.

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