Kick Out The Fascists. Kick Out British Wildcats

The BNP have been trying to bend the strikes to their advantage, one particularly noxious plot has been exposed by the Ministry of Truth (complete with proof). The website calling itself (slogan, you guessed it:- British jobs for British Workers) is a BNP front-

Ministry of Truth:- I can exclusively reveal that the operator of the British Wildcats website, which featured on tonight’s Newsnight, is actually BNP ‘web guru’, Simon Bennett.

This is crucially important now because the unions are getting wise to this infiltration and migrant workers are joining the strikes, something fascists, the ruling class and the lazy corporate media really don’t want to see happen. (ht2 Penny Red, Stroppyblog)

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I Don’t Care



It’s a White Bengal Tiger from West Midlands Safari Park rolling a snowball! If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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War Criminal’s Stalking Horse

After Israel’s assault on Gaza (well its big one, it’s still attacking) the notion of war crimes and accountability led to the government and the IDF going schtum on the names of personnel so as to make charges harder. But this expanded beyond their borders (there’s a joke in there somewhere) with Tzipi Livni [my favourite demo pic from Obsolete @] claiming  that efforts in Spain to launch war crimes enquiries would eventually be stopped as the Spanish government would remove the law that allowed Spanish jurists to consider war crimes wherever they take place. There is some question as to where she got this claim from, that Spain was bowing to Israeli pressure, but remember it’s election season. It has now spread to Britain where according to Israeli media the Israeli and British governments are conspiring together to change the law to remove the legal jeopardy for war criminals. However Israel is not simply an appalling leader in pro -war crime law debasement but governments with war crimes liabilities will be quite happy to have this added impetus to weaken and destroy laws that if enforced mean their former members could do jail time. In short the ruling elites and their penchant for slaughter as a viable tool of policy has few limits and through the massacres in Gaza new opportunities are arising for them to remove those few limits. Just as the occupied territories provide a living laboratory for the Israeli arms industry and its Western allies to test and demonstrate its wares the situation is also a prototype for how governments can murder us and get away with it. With climate change, peak oil, peak water looming this century the groundwork is being laid for population control at its most basic to ensure continuity of luxury for our ‘Great & Good.’

nb. The Belgian law that used to allow for universal jurisdiction was defeated some years ago by the usual suspects-

On July 12, 2003, the incoming government of Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt [Baby Thatcher] announced that scrapping this law would be among the first acts carried out. In September of that year, the Belgian Supreme Court threw out the cases against the former President Bush and other US officials, as well as Israelis.

Simon Romero, Imperial Vampire

See if you can spot it-

UYUNI, Bolivia: In the rush to build the next generation of hybrid or electric cars, a sobering fact confronts both automakers and governments seeking to lower their reliance on foreign oil: almost half of the world’s lithium, the mineral needed to power the vehicles, is found here in Bolivia – a country that may not be willing to surrender it so easily.

The assumption of imperial privilege here is breathtaking in its arrogance. That Bolivia’s lithium is desired so all is at issue is how will they ‘surrender‘ it. How dare they not be ‘willing’ to feed the rapacious corporations and on terms wholly favourable to said corporations. Romero’s dedication to effete moronity is nothing new to those familiar with BoRev, Abiding in Bolivia or Inca Kola News but this purple prose really opens up new possibilities for him as the hack of choice for neoliberal rapists everywhere.

PS. And for another hack doing the hard work of attacking the Empire’s targets in print check out Abiding in Bolivia on the LA Times- Racism taints Chris Kraul’s reporting