Which Part of Commander In Chief Don’t They Understand?

Pardon my French, but isn’t this, y’know, a tad coup-y?

(IPS) – CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus, supported by Defence Secretary Robert Gates, tried to convince President Barack Obama that he had to back down from his campaign pledge to withdraw all U.S. combat troops from Iraq within 16 months at an Oval Office meeting Jan. 21.

But Obama informed Gates, Petraeus and Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen that he wasn’t convinced and that he wanted Gates and the military leaders to come back quickly with a detailed 16-month plan, according to two sources who have talked with participants in the meeting.

Obama’s decision to override Petraeus’s recommendation has not ended the conflict between the president and senior military officers over troop withdrawal, however. There are indications that Petraeus and his allies in the military and the Pentagon, including Gen. Ray Odierno, now the top commander in Iraq, have already begun to try to pressure Obama to change his withdrawal policy.

A network of senior military officers is also reported to be preparing to support Petraeus and Odierno by mobilising public opinion against Obama’s decision.

And really no one, but no one, understands chain of command better than these upper echelon mamajammers. So, fire the warmongering right wing crypto-fascists.


It’s paving the way to blame Obama going back on his promises on the top brass, not that anyone should feel sorry for them, they are all full on Bush crime family scum (and y’know, de facto war criminals)

The machinations of Empire.

Southerners Terrified By White Frozen Blanket Of Chaos

Look it’s simple, it’s pretty rare -down your way- so councils working on year by year budgets are not going to spend a penny on snow preparedness. However it does make it funnier when the London-centric media suddenly discover snow anew each time –Hey isn’t this the stuff we pay good money to ski on at exclusive resorts? What’s it doing here? Panic!!!!!!!!!

Now get a fucking grip, it’s nothing that millions of people in the rest of the country don’t deal with every friggin’ year, yet shockingly does not make the national based-in-London-news. So chillax, enjoy it, play in the snow. But of course wrap up warm you delicate flowers, in this weather you’ll be wanting at least a winter weight T-shirt on and waterproof resistant footwear, because, amazing fact- snow is actually frozen water (I know what some of you were thinking and no, it isn’t that, you can’t hoover it all up your nose. It’s a little bit like the ice cubes you have in drinks, no really. You’re looking for the lemons now aren’t you?) and when it gets on your shoes it gets warmer, melts and makes them wet, then your socks and it gets all soggy and cold and no fun. Also no wrapping nasty things in snowballs (stones, poo, The Evening Standard) fight fair amongst friends. But if you do see Boris Johnson (or any financier, Royalty, Politician, etc) shuffling home, plaster the mofo like Raymond Briggs drew him.

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