Nottingham University Occupation Ended By Suppressive Authorities

After the forceful eviction of the peaceful protesters. The situation is getting more and more sinister.

1) The Security officials are refusing to take statements from the students have been assaulted/injured during their removal.

2)The Media have been barred from campus in a clear attempt to stop the story getting out.

3) Students have been kept outside in the snow and prevented from retrieving their property (including their Jackets). Security have said they will eventually have them upon identification via student cards but since many haven’t got their cards on them they’ve been forced to stand in the cold in tshirts.

4) The police have refused to take statements from those students who have been injured/assaulted on removal. This is a clear breach of their duty of care. Local MPs have been informed of the fact.

5) Police have refused to facilitate the process of students identifying those security officers who have assaulted them.

6) Names and id’s taken of those present, in a clear attempt at intimidation.

Once again, the University of Nottingham distinguishes itself by acting in the most repressive and disgraceful manner against what was a very peaceful, very civil expression of dissent. This is yet another example of the University Authorities trying to enforce a homogeneous culture of apathy and consent across the student body. Students who engage with the realities of this world are seen as a threat to the University’s PR image of enforced servility parading as stability.

The protest has not disrupted any lectures. The room was available for lectures at all times and many lecturers and students verified the fact themselves. The University is to blame for any disruption as they are the ones who cancelled the lectures without consulting the students or the lecturers. As seen in previous episodes such as the AUT graylisting and the Freedom of Speech protests, it is obvious the views and opinions of staff and students mean nothing to the authorities of this institution.

Also see Lenin.

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  1. Jay Vos Says:

    Yeah, RickB, I read about this on The Tomb, too.

    Thanks for making the comment on my blog. About the commenting challenges on Blogger: I don’t know how to fix that so you can edit before hitting “submit.” My friend suggested wordpress, but it seems a challenge to me to set it up. I’ll think about it, though.

  2. RickB Says:

    Hey Jay, yes I got the news off a feed then saw the Tomb also had stuff, really nasty the private security, the way they are trying to keep the media out of it and are going through all the students things.

    Well blogger have updated the preview works better than before, I do think they are feeling wordpress breathing down their neck and are improving. WP seems a tad more… elegant I suppose. Also if you want to go to a paid/owned domain it makes that easy and the software remains free. But, I’d stick with what works unless you have time to sort out any fiddly issues with moving.

  3. Mike Says:

    Hey Jay Vos

    If you are thinking of going WordPress it is easy to swap over if you use

    Just set up your account, the usual user name, email, password stuff and then use the ‘import’ tool in the dashboard to simply copy the entire contents of your Blogger blog over to WordPress. (It is a copy as well, your original Blogger blog stays just as it is.)

    This shows you the ‘import’ page form the support side of WordPress.

    The forums are much better than Blogger’s help groups. As is the dashboard and ease of use (At least as far as I am concerned.). It’s only ‘drawback’ is that they don’t allow full on commercial advertising – so no Google AdSense or even Amazon Affiliate stuff is allowed.

    Nor can you use any JavaScript stuff on your blog – they don’t allow it at WordPress for security reasons.

    There is a general confusion between and The side is like Blogger, free and hosted by WordPress.

    Whereas, is the full blown build your own web site and commercialise it as much as you like side. But you need to buy access from a web hosting company and then install all the WordPress software with the cost of doing so.

    I took a quick look at your blog and I don’t see a problem with a simple swap over to Still, it’s your call. are here:

  4. Steve Says:

    Writing false statements about how your occupation ended and using a careful choice of words to try to make out that your were victims, seems an strange way to try and gather support.

  5. RickB Says:

    Care to back that up with…what’s it called, evidence?

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