Israeli Ambassador To Australia Forgets Cameras Are Still On

D’oh, obviously war pimping against Iran has stages and they are not at the public roll out of their brand quite yet DownUnder.

Update: Haaretz reports it too-

The Gaza operation was merely a “pre-introduction” to the challenge Israel would face from Iran, which will become a nuclear power within a year, the Israeli ambassador to Australia said Sunday.


2 Responses to “Israeli Ambassador To Australia Forgets Cameras Are Still On”

  1. Robert Says:

    We always knew that Bush wanted Israel to take on Iran, Israel also know it might well have to fight the next battle on it’s own, although I doubt it. But in the end Israel will one day make a mistake take on a large force and end up looking at defeat, that will simple set of a nuke attack and god help us all.

  2. RickB Says:

    If Israel really intend on an attack against Iran they know that they could do it without US say so, because the US will defend them for any reprisals whatever they do. That’s a dangerous license for them to think they have, the US better figure how to avoid such a scam. Although of course enough of the Empire’s elite would also be fine with hitting Iran. This is worth reading (or click on from this to watch the video/or full transcript)-

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