Heddlu Raise The Flag

North Wales Police, getting better-

North Wales Police came second in a survey published by campaign group Stonewall, which surveyed nearly 7,000 workers across Wales. Employers were ranked according to criteria ranging from implementation of an effective equality policy to demonstrating how they engage with their homosexual staff and customers and service users.

And now the rainbow flag flies over the cop shop for a bit-

A rainbow flag has been hoisted outside a police headquarters to mark a month-long event celebrating gay rights. North Wales Police staff will be attending a series of activities as part of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual history month. The ceremony, held at North Wales Police’s headquarters in Colwyn Bay, was organised by the Gay Police Association (GPA) North Wales. Gay rights organisation Stonewall Cymru are among those supporting the events.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Shannon said: “I hope that this event sends out a clear message as we continue to strive for inclusivity and equality.”

Jenny Porter from Stonewall Cymru said the event was a sign to lesbian, gay and bisexual people in north Wales that the police had changed. “It is encouraging that people have confidence in the police to report homophobic hate crime,” she said. “The flag signifies that we are celebrating the fact that the world is full of people with differing sexual orientations and that everyone should be treated equally and with respect.”

Now if we can just get them to bin the Tasers and chillax on the traffic fines, but keep Brunstrom’s progressive ideas on drugs.

4 Responses to “Heddlu Raise The Flag”

  1. Mike Says:

    “I hope that this event sends out a clear message as we continue to strive for inclusivity and equality.”

    Yup, they are happy to arrest anybody and beat the crap out of them in the cells without regard to colour, gender or sexual orientation.

    Oops, sorry. My misanthropy is showing again.

    P.S. WHO’s World Cancer Day on Wednesday 4 February.

    Although they have called it World Cancer Day I can’t see any specific call for action that an individual can take, so I am not to sure of the point in it. Still I suppose their heart is in the right place. Well it is unless they go to Gaza in which case it likely to be all over someone’s living room wall.

    Damn! That misanthropy keeps getting in there, I just can’t control it.

  2. RickB Says:

    Well I guess that’s progress! Or to be more precise over representation in arrests of GLBT should have fallen to appropriate proportional levels as crappy laws go or are ignored by an enlightened fuzz.

    World Cancer Day, I guess you have to have a day otherwise all the other things with days will be ahead of you. Does help keep it up the agenda, I do in a fuzzy way think of cancer as a symptomatic illness of humans living in industrial contexts, not just the direct pollution issues but the stress and pressure. My dad died of it and you never seem to lack from hearing of people with cancers. It might also require new ways of modelling human biology, a bit less mechanist, a bit more holistic.

  3. Mike Says:

    I have to confess I see a lot of the big killers, like TB, Malaria and HIV as another act of political genocide.

    Given that they are either curable, or certainly treatable, to let people die while politicians start wars is to me negligent genocide, or genocide by omission (failure to implement a policy to deal with it, rather than simply talking about dealing with it).

    It has always struck me as curious that politicians seem to judge their value to humanity by the number of said humanity that they have the capacity to kill (ie weapons of mass destruction), not by the number they have kept alive.

    Still, such is the insanity of humanity. Later.

  4. RickB Says:

    Yes, I don’t recall many pols leaving office with glowing proof of all the lives they’ve saved and/or improved, anything like the ones who get statues for vaporising whole towns. And yeah even something like potable water, right there you will do massive good if you just get clean water to everyone and it would cost way less than any current wars, still what profit is there in that?

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