Friday! Interpol- PDA

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  1. naj Says:

    i am an imbecile … i deleted your awaiting post 😦
    now deleting mine so you can post yours … pff!

  2. RickB Says:

    So I see! Ok, redone it and it’s up. Also I sent you an email.

  3. naj Says:

    i didn’t get any emails :/

  4. Mike Says:

    Off-topic (again).

    But if you want entertainment for Saturday too, go here:

    Reads like it was written by a Bill Hick’s fan. It even made me laugh. Later.

  5. Thorne Says:

    Totally OT:
    Hi Rick. Long time no blog…no comment…no Thorne. I’m back. New home here at wordpress. Missed ya, friend!

  6. Thorne Says:

    Wow. I just saw that you kept me on your blogroll. Thank you for that.

  7. RickB Says:

    Naj- Sorted!

    Mike- I’ve never really gotten the blogs who are strict on topic, so please feel free to roam anywhere your thoughts take you. Thanks for that link I did read their 50 MOST LOATHSOME PEOPLE IN AMERICA last year, they mostly they hit the right targets.

    Thorne!!!! Ok now you won’t believe this but just this morning I was thinking about stuff & things and one thought that popped into my head was- it was nice having Thorne comment, I must track her down and see how things are going- and then Shazam! Here you are! I will update the blogroll to your shiny new WP blog and welcome back to the fray!

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