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Well after getting the form reply from the Beeb I wrote back and firstly got an hilarious reply by accident reassuring me about some program called ‘Hunter'(Nah, me either) then I got a proper reply-

[This first bit is about the ‘Hunter’ mix up) Further to our most recent email, we would ask you to disregard that response as it was sent in error.  Our intended response is as follows:

Thank you for your further email about the BBC’s decision concerning the DEC Gaza Appeal.

The Director-General has explained the BBC’s position and is the BBC’s Editor-in-Chief so this cannot be considered at a higher level by the BBC’s Executive.  We cannot therefore add more to our previous response but if you wish to take the matter further you can contact the BBC Trust about the decision.  For details of how to do this please see the information on the BBC Trust’s website at:


Thank you again for your email.

BBC Complaints

Click that link and you get this at the BBC trust-

Arrangements for handling appeals against the Director-General’s decision not to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza Crisis Appeal
28 January 2009
The BBC Trust is responsible for setting standards for the BBC and ensuring that they are upheld. We ensure that BBC management has appropriate frameworks in place to deal properly with complaints from those who feel these standards have not been met. We also act as the final court of appeal if complainants are unhappy with the way their initial complaints have been dealt with by management. One of our overriding principles is that the BBC Trust must act independently of the BBC management in dealing with complaints.
The Trust published a complaints framework which came into operation on 1 August 2008. It applies to all complaints handling within the BBC and sets the principles to which complaints procedures and participants in those procedures must adhere. It allows the BBC to vary the procedures to ensure that complaints covering more than one subject can be dealt with efficiently and effectively. Further information about the new framework and procedures is available on the Trust website.
In the case of appeals against the Director-General’s decision not to broadcast the Disaster Emergency Committee Gaza Crisis Appeal on the BBC, appeals to the Trust will be considered in the first instance by an ad hoc committee consisting of Richard Tait (Chairman of the Trust Editorial Standards Committee), Chitra Bharucha (Vice-Chairman of the BBC Trust and Chairman of the Trust General Appeals Panel), and Sir Michael Lyons (Chairman of the BBC Trust). Richard Tait will chair the committee, which will make recommendations to the full Trust for final decision. The decision to hear these appeals via an hoc committee reflects the probability that appellants will raise a range of issues, which may cut across the Trust’s usual complaints handling boundaries.
The Trust will deal with this matter speedily – while also ensuring that those who wish to appeal have an opportunity to do so and that all sides, including the Executive, are given a fair hearing.
The appeals process involves a number of steps. These are:

  • Receiving the appeals
  • Summarising their contents to ensure that all relevant issues raised are considered by the Trust
  • Receiving a response from the Executive to the points raised by appellants
  • Presenting this with appropriate legal advice to the committee
  • Final consideration by the full Trust.

The decision of the Trust will be posted on the Trust website.
The email address to send appeals (on the DEC Gaza crisis appeal issue only) is: dec.complaintsappeals@bbc.co.uk

So get that, this is beyond the complaints procedure which they allege cannot compete with Mark Thompson’s authority so the Trust is now the place to go.

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6 Responses to “Write To The BBC Trust”

  1. Jay Vos Says:

    So much for “customer” service. Their customer is infact Israel. They may think they’re being accountable and responsive to listeners and viewers, but :It’s all fucking obfuscation! These guys just love their power, don’t they?

  2. naj Says:

    so so so what was the hunter snippet?

  3. RickB Says:

    Hey Jay, yes I think you’ve nailed it really, I can see no rationale other than an accommodation to Israel. Now we will have to see if the Trust also peddle the same bullshit, I think a huge amount of global respect for the BBC rests on this and if they just ignore the world and keep the elite line, it’s a disgrace and a very sad day for the institution. They will look like an Atlanticist propaganda outfit, (well a hell of a lot more than ever before).

    Hey Naj, I loved your letter to Obama, the Hunter letter was clearly just a paste in of a reply to someone who had complained about that show, which I didn’t see or really give a shit about, details of it-

    And this is the letter they mistakenly sent to me (it’s just occurred to me this might make for a cunning promotional tactic for DVD sales, the reply kind of makes one curious about the show, although…..not that curious)-

    We’re sorry if the programme ‘Hunter’ caused you any distress. In the making of the drama we were aware that our subject matter, that of abortion and child murder, was likely to create fierce debate and some anger. Having decided upon a story that was very challenging and thought provoking we felt that we had to stay truthful to the extreme nature of the narrative and show the consequences.

    The BBC has a very strict set of Editorial Guidelines which all programmes including ‘Hunter’ must adhere to. The scene in question was discussed in depth and advice was sought from the BBC’s editorial policy team and it was agreed that although it would undoubtedly be a ‘tough watch’ for some people, the killing of James was an integral part of the story. We took great care in the actual filming of the scene, we deliberately didn’t use any music and shot it simply, avoiding any close ups and sought at all times to treat this part of the story in a respectful, non-explicit way. To not confront this element of the drama head on would have been to sanitise and smooth over the reality of the actions our characters were engaged in and would have been, in our view, far more reprehensible and exploitative.

    The anti-abortion characters in the drama were portrayed as wrong and extremist because of their actions within this particular story (that of kidnapping and murder) not because of their moral or political views. We at no point decried their beliefs and made sure the subject of abortion and anti-abortion was seen and debated from several different points of view by all our key characters.

    Please be assured that we have registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.


    BBC Complaints

  4. naj Says:

    Euh; no Hunter for me. 🙂
    Glad you liked Obama-letter; i thought let’s be funny but then reality made me macabre!

  5. naj Says:

    by the by, i am finally moving to EU … decided to not work with that Nazi in London though.

  6. RickB Says:

    I know, Hunter sounds tedious. Doesn’t that always happen, you start out with laughter and end in tears!

    Well London will be the poorer for it, but at least the EU will be graced with your presence that’s some consolation.

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