Evo Doing It Again

Despite fasicts and racists and their US support (natch) the New Constitution vote in Bolivia is again showing a majority for Evo Morales. Early exit polling is-

“yes” at between 60% and 62% of the total vote, (“no” at 39% to 40%)

And of course the nutjob Santa Cruz-ers are claiming fraud, which is predictable despite-

Amidst charges of fraud from Morales opponents, the OAS, which has 68 election observers out in the field today, has issued its first statement.

The OAS says it looks to it that the voting took place with full regularity. But that preliminary analysis is based simply on a finding that most all of the nation’s polling places has the required equipment and materials so that people could vote. It is doubtful that MAS opponents, especially if they lose as expected, will drop their charges of pressure on voters. But if they believe that Morales support in the rural areas of the country is manufactured rather than valid, they haven’t spent much time talking to people in the countryside.

The efforts to fight Evo included -try to act shocked- right wing religious institutions (like for example a Catholic church also currently readmitting Holocaust deniers, whoever could have seen that happening) and the ads in typical conservative fashion operate on the level of spite, fear and obedience while projecting a sugary image wildly at variance with the reality of their far right elimnationist attacks. Corporatist media will not like this further approval of Morales governance, but really they are running out of bullshit as Abiding in Bolivia documents. It’s remarkable to have countries where neoliberal governments claim massive support with barely above 50% of the vote (if that) in low turnout elections painting Morales as dangerously undemocratic, which is a clue to the real regard for democracy in the minds of our elites.

PS. Via Otto @ Inca Kola News check out El Gaviero blogging from the belly of the beast- Santa Cruz, reports with 60% votes in, a lower number- 51 % vote in favour. At this early stage I don’t know if that shows a discrepancy with exit polls giving results that are kinder (but still mean they lose) to rightists, like that could ever happen!


10 Responses to “Evo Doing It Again”

  1. Leftwing Criminologist Says:

    it’s a shame he compromised so much on the land reform proposals as the Bolivian right wing was going to attack him either way. nevertheless, it is still another step forward for the bolivian masses

  2. RickB Says:

    Hey LC, yes I think one analyst said that the constitution was so moderated it again was more of a vote of confidence than concrete change. But again it pushes the elites further into their dotage (just not as much as one would like) and yeah, I think he’s acutely aware of the forces ranged against him and is taking the long view. I think that tactic is working for now, a lot depends on US backing of the rightists, which has been in disarray, Obama should recognise Morales as the guy to work with not against.

  3. Elena Says:

    Perhaps if both lefties and righties would stop all of this ridiculous name calling, we could all work together to create something better than what we have. Both right wing religious organizations and left wing non-religious organizations do both harm and good in this world. Your article is neither useful to the discussion and its tone has invalidated anything you said that could have been useful to my understanding of the issues facing Bolivia.

  4. RickB Says:

    By a weird coincidence that pretty well much sums up how I feel about your comment. I post links to validate my points in the post, evidence, are you aware of the long history of right wing torture regimes in Latin America supported by America and at times the Catholic right and occasionally staffed with former Nazis? Or the racial aspect of the regimes against indigenous majorities? The nakedly fascist and racist nature of the UJC in Santa Cruz?

  5. Elena Says:

    As an attorney who has worked for numerous justice organizations and an ex-servicemember who has deployed to various locations for humanitarian missions, I am well aware of many of the regimes throughout the world. Your understanding of fascism and nazism is clearly underdeveloped if you associate these concepts with “right wing”. Fascist and Nazi regimes are much more closely aligned with classic “left” or socialistic thinking. Remember how concerned Hitler was about socialized medicine and the humane treatment of animals, current left wing ideology? Considering that Bolivia is over 95% Catholic by their own polls, your classification of a whole religion is ridiculous. My husband is 1/2 Bolivian and his father lives in Cochabamba so I am also well aware of the racism within the country. What I said, very nicely to your vitriol, was that your tone is detrimental to your cause. What you fail to understand is that neither the left nor the right has a corner on good or evil in the world…both do terrible things in the name of their causes. Clarity is key when discussing such polarizing and painful issues. Perhaps you could provide more than just sarcasm and labeling in your next blog…and perhaps your response?

  6. ralfast Says:

    The left? Reading a bit to much of Jonah Goldberg? Or how fascist regimes from Argentina, Chile and Spain have allied with the Catholic church.

    I’m afraid that is your understanding of what what fascism is.

  7. Elena Says:

    Once again, there is no true discussion of the issues here. That is unfortunate. I read many different types of books by many different authors but that is besides the point. Once again, the poorest South American country is being led by a “leader” who says he is “for the indigenous” people but is instead showing himself to be as susceptible to power and corruption as previous leaders.
    I feel for the people of Bolivia who are subject to the whims of their leaders and the terrorizing organizations throughout the country. The regimes that “ally” with the Catholic church ally with individuals and you cannot apply the actions of these individuals with a whole religion. It is just as bad when people associate the terrorist murderers within the Islamic faith with the faith as a whole.
    I guess I will have to search elsewhere for a reasonable dialogue because it is clear you’d rather be defensive, name-call, and spew your own brand of hate and ignorance that you clearly find so terrible in “the right wing”. Two wrongs don’t make a right, my friend. Good luck with your endeavors.

  8. RickB Says:

    Oh Elena! Well on Catholcism as it is a centralised church with one head it is not comparable to Islam, the current pope was instrumental in attacking liberation theology and supporting conservative hierarchies in Latin America. So it does reflect on the church and religion, unless Catholics demand an accountable & representative leadership they allow hegemonic conservative forces to hold power.
    Now Nazism being from the left, that is laughable and untrue, I do not need to refute such falsehoods like I don’t have to refute the earth is round, it is your problem such lies have taken hold in your world-view. That makes me doubt you are well aware of world politics, as does you calling military deployments humanitarian missions, such euphemisms are the routine language of imperial geopolitics, not honest or well analysed thought. As for Evo being corrupt, to what do you refer specifically? He has done more for the Bolivian people in these few short years than decades of US supported regimes as his massive popularity and democratic elections demonstrate, are you ultimately upset because other countries no longer obey the Washington consensus. Finally, labelling inconvenient facts as vitriol, labelling or sarcasm is such a tedious rhetorical tactic, try something new and exciting, like wit!

  9. Elena Says:

    I truly feel sorry for you that you have such hate and anger inside you that you cannot even hold a conversation with another human being without being insulting. I assume that you have no military experience yourself since you do not understand that military personnel go on many different types of missions, one of which is deployments for war. Our humanitarian missions are such that we use our C-130s to drop tens of thousands of food packets to refugees; send our military doctors and nurses in to aid victims of the despots that rule various countries throughout the world; send our engineers to help construct or help repair things destroyed by natural disasters; we send our JAGS in to help struggling new democracies with their legal systems; and numerous other things that don’t involve weapons. So many positive things that the US and our military does for the rest of the world that you apparently have been blind to in your righteous fury. You are even worse than a bigot and I feel no further need to try and have a reasonable discussion with you. As you feel I am brainwashed by my reading (for which you have no knowledge about), I can see by your own bio that fool is truly that most apt description for you and your rantings. I seek those with open-hearts and open-minds. Good day, sir!

  10. RickB Says:

    Yeah, I know it’s painful when your projection is pointed out. Don’t be a stranger!

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